Laura Curdy



With an extensive background in entrepreneurial ventures ranging from wholesale silk floral designs to an interior design firm, Laura Curdy’s expertise in building something out of nothing is nothing short of tremendous. Accustomed to juggling multiple businesses at the same time, she was open to additional possibilities when she discovered Nu Skin.


Laura met Michele Mase and Jonathan Hillbery in 2010, when she met them in their home in Atlanta and was introduced to the revolutionary Biophotonic scanner. After seeing firsthand that her current supplementation from other providers was failing to have a positive impact on her antioxidant score, Laura resolved to try Nu Skin’s products and scheduled a visit to headquarters in Provo, Utah a week later. “I was looking for something new in my life, a new path to take. This opportunity fell right into my lap – what an incredible gift!”


She fondly remembers her first momentous measure of success when she advanced from Gold to Ruby.  Her focus and determination yielded fantastic results. By the end of the financial quarter, exhausted and triumphant, Laura had built an organization of customers and distributors that allowed her to achieve Ruby title. “The incentive trip proved such a motivating factor. Whenever I got distracted or discouraged, I remembered that I was going to attend this vacation of a lifetime with my up line. It completely convinced me to trust in the counsel and the system, and more importantly, that the best is yet to come!”


Goal setting has also played an important role in Laura’s continued success. She learned from a young age the discipline and vision required to determine one’s dream discretely, set a target, and work hard till you obtain it. “I set my first goal at age four to become a flight attendant and that dream came true the moment I was old enough to apply. I was blessed to travel the world and accomplish the first of many dreams. My next goals are to attend the upcoming Success Trip and achieve Diamond status very soon. What is required is to firmly set your goal and do everything in your power to accomplish it. The formula for success isn’t easy, but it’s quite simple.”


Throughout her Nu Skin career, Laura has often relied upon the advice and direction of her experienced up line leaders. Beyond coaching her in successful behaviors, they have routinely reached out and embraced her as a friend. “This journey we are on is amazing because we are able to work with not just colleagues, but people who we genuinely care for. They have become like family and mean just as much to me. They have been here 100%, each time I have needed an encouraging word or instruction. I know my success would have been limited without their unfailing, constant support.”