Khanh-Van Ho

Khanh-Van Ho


Driven by her childhood dream to help others look and feel young, while traveling the world, Khanh-Van Ho finally found her ideal career, after years of searching, when she discovered Nu Skin’s unique business opportunity. Her previous endeavors in owning and operating beauty salons had proven rewarding, but the demanding cost of long hours had often left her drained.


The first challenge Khanh-Van faced when starting was her limited personal network. Having spent the majority of her adult life moving about the country, her circle of influence was smaller than other Executives on her team. A major shift happened when an up line leader reached out and offered her a valuable change in perspective – Nu Skin was a gift that would bless people’s lives. “We are uplifting others as we share the opportunity and products. That insight has given me the courage to approach people boldly and with purpose – I’m out there to change someone’s future!”


Of the many talents and attributes that have emerged with her rise to success, perhaps foremost is Khanh-Van’s increased confidence. “My team has shared time again how much more assured I am. I am now comfortable taking on challenges that would have completely overwhelmed me in the recent past. Now I’m co-authoring books and leading a successful organization with a strong customer base, tasks I would never have imagined tackling just months ago. Nu Skin has helped transform me into a capable and productive leader.”


Currently striving towards Blue Diamond, Khanh-Van remains focused by breaking her goals down into manageable milestones and tracking her progress routinely. Her positive attitude also plays a major contributing factor in her ongoing success. “My hope in sharing this story is that it inspires others to go after their dreams. If you’re unhappy or stuck with your life, believe that you have the power to create your own future. It may seem a bit scary at first, but with the support of your team and this incredible Nu Skin community, you can achieve wonders. I’m living proof!”