Jun Yu

Jun Yu


Jun Yu was a successful architect and interior designer in China before immigrating to Canada in 2006. After relocating, Jun pursued his Master’s degree in computer science from Simon Fraser University and began working full time as a software engineer. Jun was not looking for a business opportunity when his sister introduced him to Nu Skin. He began by sampling various products, eventually leading Jun to becoming an avid product consumer.


In his own words, Jun describes his transition from customer to distributor. “I was using a large number of Nu Skin products and I began to find it easy to talk to my friends about my results. People are always looking to improve their lives, and I just shared my story.” Jun’s story became his foundation for success. By focusing on the needs of his customers and fellow distributors he created opportunities for them to grow.


Jun’s path has been filled with challenges and trials, not the least of which is the fact that this was his first true sales opportunity. He continues to learn from his team members and focuses on being a positive influence on others. “Whenever I encounter difficulties, I look within myself and make sure that I have a positive mindset and mentality, and then I figure out how to overcome the challenge.”

Jun has big plans for the future, and by fostering an atmosphere of trust and support on his team, he knows that he has the ability to reach his goals. “Nu Skin has provided us with an opportunity to grow without limiting our potential. I am not satisfied with reaching my goal and stopping. I will not settle on my current goals. I will continue to work smart and hard to obtain my dreams.”