Ji Mihyun




Ji Mihyun has always tried to communicate to those around her with openness and a sincere heart. As a yoga instructor, she was able to implement this communication strategy into her everyday life, with great success. Mihyun was dedicated to becoming the best yoga instructor she could be in order to help those around her feel this same openness. This sincerity led Suja, a charming young man, into Mihyun’s life. They were soon married and then relocated to Houston, Texas where they began a new and challenging chapter in their lives.


Mihyun found adjusting to life in America difficult as circumstances found her and Suja living apart in the early portion of their marriage. With a recommendation from Suja to visit her family in Korea in order to cope with the changes in her life, Mihyun traveled back to her home where she was familiarized with Nu Skin. Mihyun’s mother introduced Mihyun to her sponsor and Mihyun was given a Facial Spa demo. From that moment on, she fell in love with the products. “I always had troubles with my skin and I finally found a solution that worked for me, through Nu Skin.”


Without much of an income, Mihyun started looking for a part time job in order to purchase the Nu Skin products. Her mother, however, insisted Mihyun join the Nu Skin business. With a lack of confidence speaking English and no familiar faces in Houston, Mihyun felt she could not succeed and told her mother she was not ready. It was in October of 2013 that Mihyun decided to accompany her mother to the Nu Skin Global Convention. “I saw a whole different world! Seeing the numerous distributors talking about their Nu Skin success stories on stage, I knew I wanted to one day be able to do the same. I made a promise to myself that I would get to know this business and start my own path to reach my dreams.”


With Nu Skin, Mihyun feels she has become a new person. She looks for opportunities daily to become a better person. A firm believer in the phrase “No pain, no gain,” Mihyun knows putting herself outside her comfort zone will not only improve her organization when approaching new prospects and potential customers, but also help conquer her fears. “Nu Skin helped me become a person who is not afraid of failure. I am determined to never give up and intend to become a stronger person for my family and team members.” Mihyun strongly believes that she is growing every day and knows Nu Skin can also help improve the lives of others. With the goal of attaining Ruby status and beyond, Mihyun is on her way to growing her organization through sincerely speaking to those around her with an open heart.