Jennifer Gay & Amy Tep



Sisters Jennifer Gay & Amy Tep originally hailed from Vietnam, where they enjoyed a comfortable life afforded by their industrious parents. However, they were filled with wanderlust, with dreams of one day moving to America and seeking their own fortunes.


Upon arrival, Jennifer discovered that while the United States was rich with opportunities, success didn’t come without tremendous effort. Working seven days a week loading and unloading groceries, she vowed that she would find a way to a better way to prosperity. After years of taxing labor and prodigious saving, Jennifer opened a nail salon, which proved quite lucrative. This success led to opening more locations.


When Amy joined Jennifer in the States, she too found that achieving her dreams would require considerable fortitude. She began working in Jennifer’s salons and discovered the demands on her time were beginning to affect her personal life and ambitions. This realization was cemented when her daughter uttered these words “Mom, when I grow up, I want to work in a nail salon too. That’s the only way I can spend time with you.” Resolved to find a way for both sisters to be more available to their families, Jennifer and Amy discussed strategies to liberate them from their predicament.


A year ago, a dear friend, Quang Ha, approached them with the unique Nu Skin opportunity. While Jennifer and Amy were unfamiliar with direct selling, they were supremely interested in the impact ageLOC technology could have on their business. Additionally, with anti-aging forecasted to become an even bigger market in the coming decades, they were excited to find new products to address the needs of future customers. After bringing their spouses with them to Utah, they learned firsthand of the legitimacy and the legacy of Nu Skin. Convinced and inspired, they committed to join the company.


Fueled by their inexhaustible work ethic, Jennifer and Amy became Diamond Executives. In the process, they have dedicated their all to creating a solid, thriving organization of customers and distributors. They credit their up lines invaluable instruction and guidance as being key to their rise in title. These sisters are demonstrating their difference through their full-hearted participation with Nu Skin. As challenges continue to emerge, these sisters face them confidently with their personal mantra “Keep moving forward, no matter what gets in your way. Your success lies just ahead!”