JanJan Zhao

JanJan Zhao


Enrolled in university as a Mining Engineering major, JanJan Zhao never fathomed that she would have the drive or desire to build an anti-aging business alongside her studies. As graduation drew nearer, JanJan was perplexed on which path to take next and whether or not an engineering career was still appropriate for her dreams. Frustrated with the traditional exchange of time for money, present in most other professions, JanJan wanted to make use of the power of leverage in building her own prosperity. That breakthrough in perspective propelled her jumpstart into Nu Skin.


After spending time learning about the opportunity, JanJan was impressed by the potential earnings and time flexibility she could have. Though daunting to start a brand new venture from scratch, she valiantly declared “Why not try? I didn’t know if I could be successful until I actually put forth the effort. And by doing so, I would find out the truth instead of just fearing possible failure.”


JanJan took to her business with the same rigor and conviction as she had with her academic studies. Resultantly, she began to find customers and to attract like-minded individuals to her organization. It was then, after bringing her friend, Isabella Jiang, into Nu Skin that she began to learn what leadership truly was about – accountability. “I immediately became their example and was constantly training others how to succeed. Suddenly, I was the mentor, and became so by living and enacting the principles taught to me by my up lines.”


When her down line or other distributors approach her with their struggles, she wisely counsels and challenges them “We can never avoid obstacles on the way to success. The most important factor is to find a solution instead of complaining – then you will find your victory.” Undeterred by challenges, JanJan Zhao is an exemplary Blue Diamond leader who is committed to sharing the Nu Skin opportunity with as many people as possible. She does so to improve their lives and help them catch vision of what they can achieve with hard work, being coachable, and most importantly, taking action.