Helena Lee

Helena Lee


Helena Lee originally from Hong Kong, was a ballroom dancing champion prior to joining Nu Skin. Her expertise in ballroom was an advantage as she quickly began teaching ballroom when she moved to Boston in 1996. Initially, she decided to move to the United States to provide her son with a better education and more opportunities for a successful life. Nonetheless, she knew she needed a backup plan. In her late 40’s, Helena could see her dancing career coming to an end. 


Shortly after Helena’s friend approached her about the Nu Skin business at the perfect time. Originally, Helena reluctantly signed up as a distributor out of a feeling of obligation. She did not completely understand the direct selling business at the time. As a result, she had already formed a negative opinion of the opportunity prior to giving the business a chance.


Her uncertainty combined with her lack of connections, educational background, and English were adversities she learned to overcome. By 1998 Helena became a “true believer” thanks to a multivitamin supplement. “My sister gave me a box of Life Pak Women and it totally changed my perspective towards the product and even the business. I know now that when I show the business and the products to others that I am really helping them change their lives for the better.”


Since then, Helena’s decision to move greatly benefited more than one person. She has established herself as a Team Elite thanks to her determination to succeed. While continually attributing her success to her continued usage of the products. As a leader, she encourages her distributors to do to the same by becoming “a product of the product”. Through her journey, Helena has learned and strongly believes that if she can be successful with Nu skin, anyone can.