Helen Marie Fox

Helen Marie Fox


With a prosperous coaching business that services clients internationally, Helen Marie Fox is no novice at forging a successful enterprise. As a Health and Performance Coach in Toronto and a former NCAA Division I student-athlete, she is passionate about personal and professional development. She also enjoys travelling and spending quality time with family and friends and is driven to take decisive action in shaping her life to allow for more of these occasions.


Helen was first introduced to Nu Skin by an old friend from university. With her friend living across the globe, she was connected with an associate of her friend in North America, who taught her about the opportunity. Helen recalls, “Although at the time I wasn’t keen on the business, the BioPhotonic Scanner still piqued my interest. I knew its demonstrable science could be a powerful tool in assisting with behavioral modification for my clients.”


A couple years passed, with Helen occasionally attending distributor meetings. When she resolved to visit global headquarters in Provo, Utah for a large scale training, Helen discovered firsthand the depth and character of the company. Witnessing Nu Skin in action, while delving further into the nuances of a proven business model, Helen was finally ready to enroll. “By the evening of the first day, I knew my trip was worth it and I had found the company I wanted to align with. I was impressed by the culture, people, and leadership I found within Nu Skin and their many accomplished leaders.”


Helen’s first success came when she sponsored her first Executive breakaway.  “Seeing a down line advance in title while knowing you were instrumental in that process was very rewarding. It is also incredible to watch others grow, as I too continue to develop as a leader.

That isn’t to say it has all been easy. Throughout her journey adversity has arisen, which she continues to learn and grow from. “I deal with obstacles by trusting there is always an opportunity to learn in every situation. I purposefully surround myself with people and circumstances that challenge me to grow and push me outside of my comfort zone.”


Along the way, Helen has received helpful assistance in building her organization. She credits her up line for playing a critical role in her development. Through their support, coaching, and remarkable insights, Helen has been able to embrace a completely new industry prepared.


As our newest Ruby in Canada, Helen continues to lead by both bettering herself personally and fostering new leaders within her team. This twofold approach to her business building is reflected in her dual ambitions of duplicating multiple Ruby Executives in her organization and becoming a Team Elite. “I am committed to becoming a better version of myself by serving others, working hard, staying grounded and always grateful for the many blessings in my life.”