Hayley Law

Hayley Law


Hayley Law was working towards becoming an Optometrist when she was introduced to Nu Skin products, and she might say she never saw herself as a future distributor. At the time, she was looking for high quality products to help her sensitive skin. Luckily for Hayley, a friend just happened to be a Nu Skin distributor and was able to offer a specific product solution. Hayley immediately fell in love and began purchasing product regularly.


As those around her began asking what she was using for her skin, Hayley realized the potential success she might have by becoming a distributor and selling the product. She went with her friend to a convention, where she learned more about the business opportunity and saw many successful leaders in the business. “After attending convention, I decided to learn more about the products and began attending team trainings. There I learned how to highlight the strengths of various products while sharing my own product success stories.”


As she learned and grew, Hayley became more adept at overcoming adversity. “Before Nu Skin, I would not take challenges and obstacles very well. I would become frustrated and feel lost. Now, with the support of my team and the direction of my leaders, I have learned to look at the situation objectively and not take it personally.” Hayley has been able to use this new mindset to encourage others to reach higher levels of personal achievement. She feels more focused than ever and continually sets new goals to accomplish more.


Hayley is a tremendous leader of her organization and shares her story with everyone she meets. By leading by example she is able to teach her team the attributes of persistence, hard work, perseverance, and honesty. “Nu Skin’s opportunity confirms that through perseverance and consistent, hard-work anyone can achieve success. It’s not limited to one type of person. This business pushes you to succeed, while helping you grow.”