Grant Chapman

Grant Chapman


Overcoming adversity is a trait that Grant Chapman has come to embrace over the years. With a background in marketing and company branding, Grant was constantly working with companies to improve their image. Many times this led to obstacles that were difficult to overcome, but by working through each scenario one by one he always made the best of each situation.


Living and working in Hawaii also comes with its own set of difficulties. However, Grant has a personal recipe for success: “When obstacles arise, I always take a step back so that I can view the whole situation. This way I can make a more informed decision and move forward.” This positive outlook on overcoming challenges is one thing that led Grant to Nu Skin.


Grant was introduced to the company by the ever outgoing and enthusiastic Alan Nagao, and he immediately felt a connection with Nu Skin. “I began by trusting my upline, Alan, and then meeting after meeting, demo after demo, I found my own voice. Helping people change their lives for the better is one of my passions and Nu Skin has empowered me to do just that. From quality products to an engaging opportunity, the company has helped me help others, which has been amazing!”


Through the help of his upline and the work he has done, one of Grant’s happiest moments so far was when he reached Ruby and was able to put the pin on his lapel. For Grant, joining Nu Skin was not just about him, and he remembers that still. His passion comes from seeing the successes other people have encountered and playing a part in those victories.


As he continues to build a consumer and distributor team, Grant has aspirations to become a Blue Diamond. He feels he can reach his goal through talking to everyone he meets and continuing to share the product and business opportunity. “I feel that the key to success is to commit to your goals and be unwavering as you run as hard as you can. The amazing thing is that it is up to all of us whether or not we reach our goals. We have the power to make our dreams come true.”