Ellen Simonin

Ellen Simonin


Hello! My name is Ellen Simonin and I am a brand new Gold Executive. I graduated from the University of Colorado Medical School in Denver. I live with my wonderful husband of 25 years, and we are fortunate to have all 3 of our children living in Vacaville as well. After 43 years as a physical therapist I retired in Jan 2012. One week after I retired the Nu Skin business found me; I fell in love with the BioPhotonic Scanner, and I discovered my new “calling.”


I have always been passionate about being healthy and helping other people be healthy, but I am pleased to be in “well care” now instead of “sick care”. It’s also great to continue to be paid for what I love to do.


If there is a “secret to my success” in Nu Skin, it would be to keep meeting new people and getting into conversations with them about the products and the opportunity. I belong to several organizations where I meet new people all the time, and with today’s focus in the news on health,  and the state of the economy, it’s easy to do that. Oh, and the other “secret” is: follow what your upline tells you to do….I’m still in that learning curve!


Good Hunting!