Claire Wenqi Liu

Claire Wenqi Liu


Claire Wenqi Liu was juggling her career, her family, and a new business when she and her husband decided to immigrate to Canada. There, she encountered Nu Skin products while looking for an answer to some wellness issues she encountered. Due to her background in health book publishing and planning, she began studying the company intensely. “I was attracted to the research and innovation behind each product as well as Nu Skin’s Force For Good culture.”

Satisfied with her findings, Claire first became a customer, enjoying the benefits the products were giving her. Soon thereafter she began researching the distributor opportunity. “With the change that the Nu Skin products brought me, I began to think about selling these products myself. I decided to begin this business, even while being a full-time mother.”

The road was not always smooth for Claire, especially at the beginning. One obstacle was that one of her good friends strongly opposed Claire aligning herself with this company due to previous negative experiences. That created a large psychological barrier for Claire that was difficult to overcome. “My upline was there to help me out, but I also knew that if I wanted to succeed I had to put forth the effort. I had to study and learn, no-one would do it for me. Little by little, I learned how to overcome challenges as they arose. I had a positive attitude and faced them head-on.”

Now Claire continues to learn and grow through helping her team members find new success. “I am a partner with each member of my team. I love sharing my experience with them and seeing them grow. A good leader leads by example and that is what I strive for each and every day.”