Chuan Chen

Chuan Chen


Coming to the United States as a young student at UCLA, Chuan Chen was not initially looking for a business opportunity. In between linguistic classes, homework, and a part-time job, Chuan found that she rarely had extra time to herself, much less to devote to a new business. Like many students her age, Chuan was worried about the future, but did not envision how she could secure that future in the present.


Chuan’s first introduction to Nu Skin came about due to her delicate skin. “I have very sensitive skin and it has always been difficult to find facial care products. After trying many different brands of products and only seeing adverse reactions, I was ready to give up the search.” Luckily a friend of Chuan’s, who was also a college student at the time, recommended that she try the Facial Spa. Chuan started to notice an amazing transformation in her skin, and wanted to share the incredible products with her friends and family.


After learning about the compensation plan, she realized that the opportunity was a perfect fit for her lifestyle. “To a college student, Nu Skin is a great way to start a business. It is not limited to time or location, and it does not require a large initial investment. My friend’s success motivated me that someone in college could do this.”


Chuan attended her first convention shortly after becoming a distributor and was motivated by the incredible stories shared by leaders from around the world. When her upline walked across the stage and she heard the cheering from the crowd, she set a personal goal to walk across that stage as a Blue Diamond. After returning from convention, Chuan set to work on her goal. Although she did not have a lot of time, she was able to efficiently find customers recruit a growing organization. Chuan attributes her achievements to duplicating the success of her upline and learning from mistakes. “It was encouragement from my partners and friends that kept me believing in the opportunity. I had moments where I wanted to give up, but I always had someone supporting me and believing in me, so I kept going.”


As a new Blue Diamond, Chuan’s next goals are all about stability. As she finishes her degree she plans on helping her organization continue to succeed while encouraging her downline to realize their dreams. “I learned how to lead my team by watching how my upline led me. Her methods helped me become who I am today, which is why I hope to use the same method with my organization. If you want to succeed you need to know that it is not going to be smooth sailing the whole way. A good leader needs patience to build a team.”