Christy Lieder

Christy Lieder


With a devotion to the martial art practices of Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga, Christy Lieder has a passion for leading a healthy and active lifestyle, while encouraging those around her to do the same. Ever the self-starters, Christy and her husband manage their own martial arts school and oversee a non-profit organization that supports children athletes with special needs. It is this love of helping those around her that eventually became Christy’s driving force to continue with Nu Skin.


Christy’s journey with Nu Skin began when she started buying vitamins for her family. The difference in her family’s lives was drastically made apparent within a short time of taking the supplements. That being said, Christy knew there was more to the company and her personal story of the efficacy of the products led her to investigate the Nu Skin business opportunity. “If I did not believe in the products whole-heartedly, I would not be involved in the business. It is important to me to be able to fully stand behind the products and business model I am advocating. Between Nu Skin’s quality products and their devotion to supporting their distributors, Nu Skin is easy to endorse.”


Nu Skin has opened many doors for Christy to help those around her. “I have worked hard to introduce this business to those around me. What I love most about Nu Skin is the vast opportunities it has to offer.” Christy is passionate about helping herself and others feel better in a more natural way. Leading by example, Christy always makes sure to take her Pharmanex vitamins daily and do Facial Spa treatments three times a week.


Christy attributes much of her success to working alongside her husband. Together, they are able to support and encourage each other, while striving to reach a goal of becoming an Emerald Executive. With determination driving Christy to expand her business, she knows there may be times of difficulty, but she is prepared to face any challenges ahead. “Growing a business is not always easy. You must be willing to work hard and stay focused. If you do not have the necessary dedication, then it may not be the business for you. Only you can determine your future!”