Bill Schifferli



An accomplished senior healthcare consultant with 35 years of extensive experience, Bill Schifferli is familiar with the dedication required to master one’s craft. His specialty lies with revitalizing poorly performing skilled nursing facilities. With many successful transformations of healthcare practices, coupled with his passion for improving others’ wellness, Bill felt fulfilled and was not looking for a new professional venture when a fellow nursing home administrator, Ted Holt, presented him with an invitation to learn more about Nu Skin.


After several conversations, and still a bit skeptical, Bill finally agreed to meet with Ted’s up line, Dr. Larry Couture. They convened at his family practice office and there Bill learned more about the business. He was immediately impressed with Dr. Couture’s thorough knowledge and passion for Nu Skin’s products. “There was something there in his words and presentation that alleviated my fears. This was an opportunity I could trust and one worth investing more time and effort in pursuing.”


Bill’s first success occurred immediately after meeting with Ted and Dr. Couture when he invited a colleague of his to listen to the same presentation. This coworker had a similar experience and agreed to sign up on the spot, instantly jumpstarting Bill’s business. “I was certainly surprised and extremely grateful that the first person I introduced to Nu Skin resulted in such a positive outcome. This initial triumph has fueled my desire and boosted my confidence that this business is something I must share with everyone I know. Who wouldn’t want those they love to live and feel younger and healthier?”


Since that time, Bill has internalized the instruction and counsel he has received from up lines, mirroring their system and inviting others to purchase products and learn more about Nu Skin. This simple system of duplication has yielded further successes and has taught Bill how critical it is to be coachable. “I cannot iterate enough how critical it is to listen to your leaders and adopt their behaviors. By doing so, and relentlessly practicing daily effective core habits, you can achieve success and experience empowering personal development.”


Having become a Gold Executive, Bill is seeking to expand his customer base and his team and qualify for the upcoming Success Trip. With goals to contact ten people daily, secure numerous recurring ADR orders from customers, and finding other like-minded individuals to bring on as fellow Executives, Bill is on course to further hone his art of transforming peoples’ lives, including his own.