Ben Lo

Ben Lo


As with all things of importance, it began with vision. For Benjamin and Rachelle Lo, that dream was one of abundance and free time to share with their loved ones. Ben first studied Electrical Engineering at MIT, and then furthered his education by earning his MD from Columbia University. Embarking upon his career as a physician, Ben perfected his medical expertise in delivering over 500 babies, while also managing to deliver seven of his own children. With their family growing beyond their dreams and Ben beginning to be on-call more often, their precious time was taxed extensively. Rachelle frequently found herself alone with the children and Ben often missed holidays and social gatherings. Considering the circumstances, they decided it was time for serious change.


When Ben first entertained the idea of building a Nu Skin organization of customers and distributors, Rachelle was hesitant.  “I was very reluctant at first for him to add more to his plate by starting a business!” But as Ben balanced his efforts between his medical practice and mastering the nuances of direct selling part-time, they watched their Nu Skin efforts flourish organically.


At times it was hard to maintain that distant dream of freedom, as obstacles mounted and the pressures of both careers climaxed. Through it all, their up line leaders provided leadership and examples of how to persevere. “They taught us tremendously about partnership, and nurtured a vision that let us see through their eyes, all the while guiding us where to direct our time and energy most effectively.”


Now firmly established with a solid organization, Ben has  become a Blue Diamond. He and Rachelle measure their success by the blossoming freedom the Nu Skin opportunity provides them. Ben gratefully reflects “Building a business with Nu Skin has proven to be a wonderful journey, one that has thoroughly enriched each of my family members’ lives.”