Adaluz García

Adaluz García


Hailing from Colombia, Adaluz García started her career as a business administrator. Unfulfilled and in search of new opportunities, Adaluz decided to start fresh professionally in the United States, where she has since resided for the past 15 years. During this time, Adaluz has seen many direct selling nutritional companies make guarantees about their products, yet each failing to provide results to her satisfaction.


Adaluz’s interest in nutrition and wellness began shortly following her first pregnancy. Based on a friend’s trusted referral, she reluctantly tried out some of Nu Skin’s product offering. Intrigued by the both innovative and efficacious products she tested, Adaluz recognized that she had finally found a company that offered products that worked to her expectations. She points out, “I quickly understood the great fortune that had fallen in my lap. Here were not only superior products, but also an amazing opportunity that could empower lives, including mine. I decided there and then to begin sharing Nu Skin with the world.”


Radiating excitement, Adaluz immediately set out to begin building her new venture. Despite her enthusiasm, she encountered a great deal of rejection and adversity. As she introduced the products and business to prospects, she encountered numerous refusals and outright dismissals of Nu Skin as a whole. Resistance even came from her husband, which created uncertainty for Adaluz and her business’ future. “Opposition abounded! A fear began to creep into me and I faced misgivings daily regarding my ability to run my own team. Still, I kept firm in my conviction and I kept coming back to the confidence Nu Skin inspired in me. I knew this was what I wanted to do. I also knew that at some point these phantoms of doubt would evaporate if I stood my ground and took action.”  


With an emphasis on strategic planning and setting measurable goals, Adaluz is committed to key successful behaviors. In addition to these measures, she is also a staunch proponent for optimism. “The way we overcome all obstacles is by choosing to face them with a positive attitude, whilst being open to discover and acquire new skills. This creates room for growth and brings us one step closer to reaching our goals.”


Adaluz has accomplished many goals during her journey with Nu Skin, but perhaps none were as transformative as qualifying for the Success Trip. To her delight, her husband agreed to accompany her. “The trip gave my spouse the opportunity to experience the essence of this company, while being surrounded by other successful leaders. He was able to witness and understand the magnitude of this business, along with Nu Skin’s unparalleled commitment to helping everyone reach their dreams.”


Now aligned in the business, Adaluz and her husband have made many goals together in order to grow their team and their customer base, all with the focus on their next milestone – Blue Diamond. By committing to zero-in on successful practices such as inviting everyone they share the Nu Skin story with to enroll, this couple is poised to reach their next benchmark and continue excelling as exemplary distributor leaders.