Relaxation Formula

Relaxation Formula

Pharmanex's Relaxation Formula is a unique dietary supplement that helps you cope with stress by modulating healthy levels of cortisol. Relaxation Formula combines natural ingredients that have been scientifically shown to have direct cortisol-balancing effects. Pharmanex's proprietary formula also contains an all-natural theanine extract made from green tea leaves. Theanine increases your brain's ability to produce a state of "relaxed alertness" so you will sleep more soundly, respond to stress more calmly, and perform at your peak.


Size: 60 tablets

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Product Details

  • Benefits
    • Enhances feelings of well-being and response to stressful situations.
    • Improves performance and increased vigor throughout the day.
    • Improves concentration and focus.
    • Supports weight maintainence efforts.
  • Usage
    Take 2 capsules with you evening meal. For optimal results, take an additional 1 with your morning meal.
  • Ingredients
    Magnolia bark (from Magnolia offcinalis Extract 4:1), Epimedium (from Epimedium koreanum, Water Extract 6:1), L-Theanine (from Camellia sinensis, Extract 70:1), Phosphatidylserine, Silicon Dioxide Tricalcium Phophatem Magnasium Sterate (Vegetable)
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