FibreNet® is formulated for ideal weight management in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise.

FibreNet® contains Polmerplex, a substance highly refined from a fiber called chitosan derived from the exoskeleton of shellfish. It provides 2 grams of positively charged dietary fiber, which binds to negatively charged fat and bile molecules in the diet and thus act as a 'fat sponge' absorbing fat in the digestive tract.

FibreNet® contains Polmerplex, a substance that is highly refined from a fiber called chitosan. Chitosan is obtained from the exoskeleton of shellfish, usually crab or shrimp. Before processing, the raw exoskeleton of the shellfish is composed of insoluble fiber, protein, and trace elements, such as iodine. During the manufacturing process, chitosan is refined to such an extent that the insoluble fiber is the only significant nutrient remaining. The protein and iodine are removed during the refinement process.


Size: 240 capsules

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Product Details

  • Benefits
    • Chitosan works with your digestive system to cope better with fat by reducing the amount directly absorbed.
    • Contains insoluble dietary fiber that helps reinforce the digestive system.
  • Usage

    8 capsules daily. Take 4 capsules with 12-16 oz of liquid with your noon and evening meals.

  • Ingredients
    Chitosan (from Shellfish), Gelatin (Halal), Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Sterate (Vegetable)
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