Carine Ooi & Maxx Foo

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Carine Ooi & Maxx Foo

Blue Diamond Executive


“Nu Skin has taught me about sincerity and persistency. Be sincere to others and they will follow your lead; persist and work together, and you may go far.”


Having worked in Singapore for 13 years as an account executive, Carine Ooi spent most of her time stuck on the Causeway as she travelled to and fro from Malaysia. Leaving early in the morning when her children were still asleep, and she returning late at night when they were back in bed. Looking back, it was alarming as she once accepted that that was her life and she chose to endure the fact that she will never afford to spare some time for her family.


But through a wonderful encounter, Carine got to know about an opportunity that can offer her both financial flexibility and time freedom, it was Nu Skin. Nine months into her first introduction to Nu Skin and its products, Carine started her Nu Skin journey.


It was an amazing transformation for her and more significantly, for her family from no time for anything else, to having the luxury of time with her family, one year after she started, she resigned from her accounts job and achieved Ruby title in the business.


“As I wasn’t a sale-minded person, it took me some time before giving up my full time job. But once I did, I could actually have time to have meals with my kids and send them to school., not to mention learning how to success in the business.”


“Reaching Blue Diamond has always been our goal and we’ve put every effort into building our team in both Singapore and Malaysia,” says Carine who now have the full support of his once objecting husband, Maxx Foo. She says that it was great to be in this together and earn this achievement with her husband as now they can both enjoy the happiness together.


There are many ways to view leadership, for Carine, she always assumed being a leader would be about being strong men and women. After being a part of Nu Skin, she realize that a good leader is about responsibility and accountability, handling matters calmly and working together to create a result. “I believe that leaders have to be nurtured at every level, with experience and knowledge, so that everybody learns and grows, and eventually can become leaders as well,” affirms Carine.


Carine loves Nu Skin as it represents transformation. Seeing her customers transformed after the 90 days from the weight management program gives her much satisfaction and this has made her more enthusiastic to share about Nu Skin.


“Nu Skin has taught me about sincerity and persistency. Be sincere to others and they will follow your lead; persist and work together, and you may go far.”


Indeed, step-by-step has taken Carine and Maxx to the avenue of success where they continue to encourage and build the people around them. 

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