Szaniszló László & Balogh Bernadett

Szaniszló László & Balogh Bernadett


“Your family is supposed to be your reason, not your excuse!” This slogan has become Betty’s main principle and her reason for joining Nu Skin in May 2008, with 1,000 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) as a Letter of Intent (LOI). Appropriate learning and working soon brought about successful results! A Ruby Executive with a record-breaking income in the first three months. Then a Diamond Executive within two years with many dynamic business partners, satisfied customers and numerous donations to Nourish the Children initiative – all became a reality! 


What did they need to do to achieve all this? What is their secret?


They admit that the secret was getting familiar with Nu Skin, a wonderful company, in details and choosing suitable working methods. Of course, it may not be easy to understand, so it is worth having a deeper look at where they came from…


Betty was born in Romania, her family moved to Dunaújváros in Hungary when she was a child. With her parents being civil servants, she had to work at the age of 18 whilst at college in order to earn extra money. Although it was not with Nu Skin, it was around this time that she experienced that network marketing made the perfect part-time job. Betty loved her profession, after graduation, she worked as a full-time employee for a couple of years, and then, living with Szani she became his partner – an entrepreneur in financial IT. She reached the summit very young, working on projects from the Ministry of Finance, the State Audit Office of Hungary, the National Institute of Public Administration, the International Training Centre for Bankers and PriceWaterhouse Coopers as an electronic training consultant. Her professional and financial results were ideal, but then Betty was hit by life’s newest challenge: she became pregnant with her second child, Ádám. Her first son, Dávid was five years old then. She knew it was no longer possible to coordinate work and family life, so she was looking for a change, for a network marketing company to work with. To work with professional partners in a delightful job, in a good company, be acknowledged and with a good income – to have the high life! She had forgotten that four years earlier she was contacted by Nu Skin through an old friend of hers, Károly Váczy, after a detailed market research she wanted to start building another business. Just as she started looking for something really seriously, life helped her: she ran into Réka Váczy, wife of an old friend in a shopping centre. Réka was radiating Nu Skin: good vibes, energy, beauty, high living standards – surrounded, of course, by four happy children! Betty was astonished; she checked out the company online, visited a lecture on its business, asked for a personal schedule and did not hesitate to decide to register and to start working the very next day!  


Szani has always been committed to his community, even in grade school. He takes on all kinds of tasks and projects. His commitment culminated in college: he was the vice-president of the national student union, representing hundreds of thousands of young people. He was not into politics so he started working in IT – his profession – as a first job holder in Budapest, at the biggest Hungarian company where he built a new department dedicated to training. Within five years, after starting from nothing, this department managed to get a decisive share of the market. As he felt this was not the road to real freedom, he had an on-off adventure with network-building, but he did not consider it his cup of tea. At the age of 30, he started a company with an old friend and many investors in the field of e-learning, aiming to be successful and rich by the time he is 50. Then he could start enjoying his well-deserved freedom. The next six years were about that: success and difficulties taking turns, international and national partnerships, competing against them going forward, always forward. Szani only became willing to have a look at Nu Skin, although sceptically, thanks to his wife’s Betty’s pressure when he learnt they were having another child.


As an electrical engineer he was fascinated by the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner and the unique innovation, but to join, he had to listen to the lecture of Truman Hunt’s, the company’s CEO and the personal lecture on Success Olympics by the Hungarian Team Elites. Then he understood the leading background of Nu Skin and started to train organisations over as his partners – thus liberating them from the burdens of a traditional venture. He understood it was possible to build a huge, global business from his home in Hungary without any risk or investment, helping lots of people. He made the decision to join Betty. In the beginning, as there were a lot of questions emerging concerning having a company of their own and Nu Skin, he travelled to the global convention in the USA. There he met all the unique Nu Skin founders and uplines, such as Kenton Worthington and Nathan Ricks. He became committed: he understood it was possible to get a royalty-like passive income within a five-year project even in millions of dollars, ethically, helping others, doing some charity work – together with his family. His slogan is: “are you committed more to yourself or to the thing you are doing right now?”


They have been continuously building their Nu Skin team as a couple ever since with a lot of great partners. In the first 3.5 years they ran it parallel with their own company, as a leading example of building a family and a business in harmony; demonstrating the importance of learning, showing how to represent the Nourish the Children® initiative and the ethics of team play. They are proud of Betty’s mother being their executive partner and they are grateful to Szani’s mother for babysitting.


The background and basic knowledge needed for the decision and success were provided to them – apart from Nu Skin’s Hungarian and international exclusive employees – by Oneteamglobal (OTG) and the S7S partner organisations and the support of their personal sponsor. This support serves as a springboard to them in the necessary development of technical knowledge and personal skills. 


Please welcome their personal message with an open heart:


“As ex-employees and ex-traditional entrepreneurs, we recommend this business to you. If you want to have a unique lifestyle in health and beauty, in financial and human acknowledgement, in predictable safety and without risks, building your future with a good company, in harmony with the family doing charity then take the hand of those who invite you and do not let them go.  There is no better time than right now, start building your own Nu Skin business at once!”