Nieto Maria Teresa

Nieto Maria Teresa


My Success story: If you can see it, you can achieve it


It all began in September 2009, when a friend of mine wanted us to meet in Paris so that she could share a business opportunity with me. Due to the strong relationship we had, I always trusted her, but nevertheless, I accepted with due diligence. It took me three months, and after getting to know some Team Elites and hearing their stories, going to the 25th Anniversary Celebration in Los Angeles, California,  studying the company and trying most of the products, I had no doubt that this was the opportunity to achieve some of my goals.

For me, it was the freedom and the chance to improve other  people’s life. I have always wanted to be a coach, and Nu Skin® offered me the opportunity to inspire and show a new way of living, leading by example.

After working with Nu Skin® for 15 months, now being Emerald with six Executives, I can truly say that the key to my success is having the right people in my downline and being part of a huge team of upline that both inspire and guide me.


Nu Skin® is not about you, but about your team. It is not easy but it is possible. First you have to see it in your mind and believe it is possible to find the right people. Focus on abundance and the result you want to have. Most people complain about their situation, they think they are different and search for excuses. Leaders and entrepreneurs give hope. If you can see it, you can achieve it! There are always clouds before arriving at the top of the mountain, and although you cannot see it, you know it is there, so continue climbing until you see a little bit of light and there is a point where momentum is so big that you cannot stop.


So, persistence and resilience are crucial. One of the best advices I had was that 90% of the time is green time. You have to talk to people, know what they want from life and show them that Nu Skin® has the tools to achieve it.


First, listen to you, what do you want from life? Second, listen to people, what do they want from life? Third, talk to them and present the opportunity in the right way. Once they want to start, stay close to them for the first steps and show them how to do the business. If you show your team the proper way they will duplicate and improve it.


I can say that Nu Skin®, more than freedom or money, has opened my eyes to see that the sky is the limit. I feel I have grown more in this last 15 months than ever before. I have had a lot of fun and have built something stronger than ever.  So, the result is that this experience has amazingly improved my life and confidence.

If you want something and you desire it strongly, sooner or later, you will get it. The only failure is to quit. So go on and think for a minute, now that 2011 started what would you like to achieve in the coming months. Plan it and work immediately towards achieving it. This is the right company at the right time.


Nieto Maria Teresa