Iris & Roar

Iris & Roar




First some background information about us: Roar and I have four children together, two large demanding dogs, a cat and eight fish to be exact.


I was introduced to Nu Skin by a friend of mine at the end of May 2010. At the time, I was completely exhausted. I was working too much and I did not have enough time for my family. The job was consuming me. Lill Yvonne asked me if I wanted to regain my time. Of course, there was nothing I wanted more. So, she introduced me to Nu Skin. At first, I was sceptical, almost annoyed. It seemed too good to be true. But then I thought what if it isn’t. So, I decided to check the facts about this business, and the following week, I was invited for a facial treatment. I could see a big improvement after just 15 minutes. Based on the facts I had checked and because I could see that the products worked, I knew that this would be the tool that could help us achieve what we wanted in life.


On 28 May, 2010, I ordered the 1,200 Personal Sales Volume kit and I received my products by 03 June, 2010. That is when I started working. One of my first Distributors and I went to a success seminar in Oslo, which taught me a lot, especially that all I had to do was copy the best.


I have always been a determined person and I could feel that this was the beginning of a new life. So, in August, I quit my job and started working fulltime with Nu Skin. I guess you could say that I jumped right into it.




When Iris came home all enthusiastic, talking eagerly about how she had become a younger person and how we were sitting on a goldmine that would help us become financially independent, and how we would have all the time in the world, I thought she had lost her mind. I thought she had been conned into something. At that time, I was not ready to begin working with Nu Skin.


Soon after that, Iris told me she was quitting her job to work with Nu Skin fulltime, so it was time for me to check out this company as well. I was impressed by what I read, and so, I jumped right in after Iris. The journey so far has gone by incredibly fast. We became Diamond in October 2010 and our goal is to reach Team Elite in 2011.


We would like to thank our fantastic and talented uplines, who are always there for us and continuously inspire us. Thank you Kjersti and Kjerstin for never getting tired of my phone calls at all hours of the day and night. Thank you Aina; you are amazing. Ine, you inspire and motivate us, and without your help, we would probably not be doing our own presentations today. Thank you so much. We could not have done this without you and we really appreciate all the help we have received. A big thank you to Jostein and Nina, who do a fantastic job in the back office.


We would also like to thank our team. You guys rock! You are enthusiastic, determined and we are so glad to have met so many wonderful, happy and positive people. We dig you guys!


Our best advice for those who want to succeed is: you must know your ‘why’. Listen to the best in the business. Sometimes you will disagree with what you hear, but as long as you are not the best, you are wrong. Go to presentations and seminars, follow the system, and share your enthusiasm with others. Always include your family in the planning, and have fun. NEVER STOP!