HCP Package

HCP Package

This Health Care Professionals Package is designed to contain all of the products needed to integrate Pharmanex and the Scanner into a business.


6x ageLOC Y-Span
3x LifePak
3x LifePak Prime
3 x Eye Formula                                          
2x g3 Juice 2-Pack
2x ageLOC R2                                                               
2x Cortitrol                                             
2x ReishiMax GLP                                         
2x Flex Formula                                      
2x Tegreen 120ct                                              
2x Optimum Omega                                              
100x Scan card with brochure            
300x Scan Cards Only



Please note that as this is an HCP Package the following terms and conditions apply:

  • This package is not available to preferred customers or retail customers.
  • Normal Distributor Refund Policy applies.
  • This package does NOT earn ADR points and is NOT redeemable with ADR points. 

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