ageLOC Me


It’s all about me.


Each of us is uniquely individual with distinctive needs.


It makes sense that we should be able to easily customise something that is completely personal.


Imagine anti-ageing skin care as individual as you are. Now it can be with state-of-the-art technology and breakthrough anti-ageing formulations. Nu Skin has redefined skin care with ageLOC Me. This is anti-ageing skin care like you’ve never seen, felt, or imagined.


ageLOC Me creates an entirely new approach to customised anti-ageing skin care.


Brilliant yet simple to use, ageLOC Me delivers five powerful anti-ageing products, custom selected from about 2,000 possible regimen combinations. Delivering one streamlined, simplified regimen to you.


With ageLOC Me, every day is a confident, beautiful skin day.


Your Guide to ageLOC Me

Step One—Take Your First Step Toward Customisation

Order your ageLOC Me Skin Care System online or from  a distributor to start using ageLOC Me right away and  take your first step toward customisation. The system contains your Calibration Set, your intial set of ageLOC Me produtcs.


Use these products for two weeks to experience how they feel and how they benefit your skin. Then, use them as a reference when you take your ageLOC Me skin assessment to further customise your regimen.


Step Two—Tell Us About You

Together with your Calibration Set experience, the ageLOC Me skin assessment helps you determine your skin care needs through a series of questions concerning your environment, region, individual skin attributes, personal ageing concerns, and preference for light or heavy moisturiser feel.


Like fragrance in your moisturisers? You can choose to include it. You can also include or omit SPF from Day Moisturiser. And you can dial in targeted benefits with the serums to best fit you.


At the end of the assessment, you’ll receive your personal skin care code.


Step Three—Experience Your Customised Skin Care Regimen

Order your Custom Product Set using your personal skin care code. You told us about you, your skin, and your preferences and, using our expertise in anti-ageing science innovation, we created a regimen that’s just for you.


As soon as your Calibration Set cartridges are empty, you can start using your Custom Product Set right away. Like the Calibration Set, your customised set contains a one-month supply of three serums and a day and night moisturiser.


The powerful ageLOC Me serums and moisturisers are Nu Skin’s most sophisticated anti-ageing skin care formulations to date.


Step Four—Keep It or Change It Up

Retake the ageLOC Me skin assessment as many times as you like. You may find just the right combination for spring and summer, and then want to refine for autumn and winter.


There’s no limit to how many times you can take the assessment.

ageLOC Me