Tru Face Targeted Treatments

Tru Face

Improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles and achieve firmer, smoother skin with Nu Skin® targeted treatments.

Tru Face® Line Corrector

€ 56.64
  • PSV 40.50

Contains revolutionary pro-collagen peptides that help soften moderate to deep lines around your mouth, eyes and forehead.

  • 97102704
  • 30 ml
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      Tru Face® Priming Solution

      € 40.72
      • PSV 29.00

      Tru Face Priming Solution is a complementary skin preparation toner that optimises the benefits of Tru Face products.

      • 97101232
      • 125 ml
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          Tru Face® IdealEyes

          € 54.32
          • PSV 38.70

          Scientifically formulated to offer both immediate and long term benefits, this silky cream rapidly reduces the appearance of bags under the eyes while instantly increasing skin radiance. The advanced anti-ageing ingredient technology also helps firm and smooth skin as it reduces discoloration under the eyes.

          • 97101241
          • 15ml
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              Tru Face® Instant Line Corrector

              € 77.26
              • PSV 55.20

              Containing GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid), a powerful natural amino acid that promotes the relaxation of facial lines and wrinkles, Tru Face Instant Line Corrector gives you permission to be impatient!

              • 97101257
              • 15ml
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                  Tru Face® Revealing Gel

                  € 57.22
                  • PSV 40.90

                  Tru Face Revealing Gel offers the next generation in anti-ageing technology, by stimulating cell renewal to even skin texture and refine pore size.

                  • 97101213
                  • 30 ml
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                      Tru Face® Skin Perfecting Gel

                      € 70.57
                      • PSV 50.40

                      Combat the earliest signs of ageing. Tru Face™ Skin Perfecting Gel helps maintain skin clarity, minimises the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, and restores your skin's radiance.

                      • 97102698
                      • 30 ml
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                          ageLOC® Tru Face® Essence Ultra

                          € 226.26
                          • PSV 165.00

                          ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra will help you embrace a youthful looking skin. Formulated with Ethocyn, these uniquely formed capsules also incorporate the power of ageLOC, a revolutionary anti-ageing scientific technology, which targets the sources of the visible signs of ageing, such as the loss of skin firmness.

                          • 97003906
                          • 60 capsules
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