Per Nygvist

Per Nyqvist


I hope that by sharing my story it will help inspire you to take advantage of the great business opportunity that Nu Skin offers.


Ever since I was a young boy, I dreamed of being completely free to be able to live my life on my own terms. I didn´t know how, but every day I kept on daydreaming about creating the perfect business to achieve my goals. I have always had the desire and drive to prove to myself and the world that I could do something amazing. The feeling of limitation has always suffocated me, especially when it comes to money and freedom.


I’ve been keeping a diary since age 11 and have always written in it that I was meant for something greater.


The thing that has shaped me, especially mentally, is my swimming career. Plus being part of the Swedish Special Forces where I learned that we all can achieve more than we could ever imagine if we decide we want it and commit wholeheartedly to achieving it.


When I first heard about Nu Skin, I saw immediately that this was the opportunity I had been dreaming about. I saw a flexible business opportunity; I was in control and could choose success. The aspect of a traditional business such as products and distribution was already taken care of, which meant that it was all up to me to choose success.


I asked myself as you probably are doing now while reading this and researching about the Nu Skin opportunity. “Is it worth it?, Can I do it?” I chose to start while I continue doing my investigation.


When I attended my first kick-off meeting, I saw the life of the top leaders and realised that they had everything and lived the life that I always wanted since I was 11 years old. So it was worth it! I also realised that they were all types of people from all walks of life, and if they could do it, we all could do it!


My desire for a better life became stronger than all uncertainty and fears that I had, and I decided there and then in October 2011 that this was going to be my career and life work. For me, the time from LOI (Letter of Intent) to Team Elite is purely education. After doing the business for only 31 months, I am now a Diamond Executive and have an international business and I work daily with the best of the best.


Every day is filled with new success on all levels. I have a passive income and that little boy in me is thrilled and grateful to Nu Skin and its opportunity, and that I decided to get going to reach my dreams.


My personal tip to you that is new is: Get going and have trust, and as soon as possible, attend a convention!


Make sure to see your true value. Write down any dreams you have in mind, what you want in life. Dream big every day and decide that there is only one way forward and that is your success!