Team Elite Ambassadors FAQs


Team Elite Ambassador FAQ

Q1) When can I start qualifying as a Team Elite Ambassador?

A1) You can use any months including and after January 1, 2019, to qualify as a Team Elite Ambassador, starting with our 2020 New Zealand Team Elite Trip!

Q2) Will a year I qualify as a Team Elite Ambassador count as a Team Elite year too?

A2) No. Team Elite Ambassador and Team Elite are two separate programs and do not overlap in terms of recognition. As such, a current 20 Year Team Elite who qualifies as a Team Elite Ambassador for the 2020 Trip will still be considered a 20 Year Team Elite (not a 21 Year Team Elite).  Qualifying as a Team Elite Ambassador is solely used to attend Team Elite Trips and all Trip activities (minus travel expenses).

Q3) What will I receive if I qualify as a Team Elite Ambassador?

A3) The company will cover all Team Elite Trip activities, gifts, and meals that are provided by the company (just like for a Team Elite). But it will be your responsibility to pay for travel to and from the Team Elite Trip location, and for any additional expenses not typically covered by the company.   

Q4) If I qualify as a Team Elite Ambassador, will I still receive all Team Elite gifts that are given on the Trip?

A4) Yes! All Team Elite Ambassadors will receive all Team Elite gifts that are given to Team Elite participants. This does not include Team Elite Platinum gifts or experiences.

Q5) Does Team Elite Ambassador qualification have maintenance requirements like Team Elite qualification? 

A5) No, there are no Team Elite Ambassador qualification maintenance requirements. To qualify, you simply have to be a 20+ Year Team Elite or a Circle of Excellence IV member and maintain at least Executive Brand Director/Blue Diamond for 6 months of a calendar year.

Q6) Will Team Elite Ambassadors receive recognition during Team Elite Trips or at other special events (e.g. Nu Skin Live)?

A6) No. Although we honor the lifetime accomplishments of Team Elite Ambassadors, this is not a formal recognition title. As such, Team Elite Ambassadors will not receive special recognition at any Trips or events other than reserved seating.

Q7) If I qualify as a Team Elite Ambassador now, can I still requalify as a Team Elite in the future?

A7) Yes! Becoming a Team Elite Ambassador does not in any way limit the titles or recognition you can achieve now or in the future.