Waiting Room FAQ

What is a virtual waiting room?

A virtual waiting room is very similar to a line or queue you wait in your daily activities. Once you click “Order”, you may be placed in a waiting room at the end of the line. As others behind you click “Order” on the LTO website, they will be placed behind you in line. As those before you are allowed entry in to into the ordering process, you will advance in the line. And finally, once everyone in front of you in line has been allowed into the ordering process, your number will be “called” and you will automatically be entered into the ordering process.

I just want to order products for LTO, why am I being placed in a waiting room?

We expect the number of distributors attempting to purchase at the same time may exceed our system’s capacity. We have implemented this virtual waiting room in order to ensure a seamless ordering experience without risk of potentially overloading the system.

What does “### of ####” mean on the waiting room landing page?

These numbers represent where you are in line. The first number represents your place in line. The second number represents how many people in total are in line. This gives you an idea how many people are in front or you, as well as how many are behind you in line.

How long am I going to have to wait before I can order?

Based on where you are in line and how fast orders are currently being processed, your expected wait time is displayed in the waiting room.

How will I know when my wait is over and I can order?

When you reach the front of the line in the waiting room, you will automatically be passed through to the LTO ordering page.

Do I need to stay in front of my computer until I get to the front of the line?

No. You can leave your computer and come back at a later time based on the expected wait time communicated to you in the waiting room. If you come to the front of the line and are allowed in to order before you return, the LTO order page will be waiting for you when you return to your computer. You will not have to wait again after you have reached the front of the line.

Can I do other things on my computer while I’m waiting in line?

Yes. You can surf the Internet or perform other activities on your computer while waiting in line. You can even leave the waiting room in your web browser and come back. You will keep your place in line.

If I lose my network connection or close my browser, do I lose my place in line?

You will not lose your place in line, even if you turn off your computer or lose your network connection. When you come back to the waiting room, it will recognize you and keep your position in line.

Can I enter the waiting room on my mobile phone and keep my place in line if I switch to my computer?

No. It keeps your place in line only for the same device in the same web browser. If you enter the waiting room on your phone, switch to your computer, and re-enter the waiting room, you will be placed at the back of the line.

If you leave the waiting room, you must come back to the waiting room on the same computer and same web browser as you originally entered in order to keep your place in line.

What if all stocks sell out while I’m in the waiting room? Or, am I guaranteed inventory of the product if I wait in the waiting room?

Entering the waiting room does not guarantee your product order. Your order is only guaranteed when you pass through the waiting room and complete ordering process with successful payment. Therefore, if stocks sell out while you are in the waiting room, you will not be able to purchase a product.

We strongly recommend that you stay close to your computer so that when you are automatically redirected to the product ordering page, you can quickly complete the ordering process.

I waited in line but when I got to the ordering page, it didn’t let me place my order. How come?

Stocks of the product have already been sold out in your market.