How to Recycle Nu Skin products

Recycle Right

Nu Skin's Goal

We've committed to creating recycled, recyclable, reusable, reduced, or renewable packaging, and we need your help. As we make our product packaging more sustainable, please do your part to ensure the responsible disposal of our products. Together, let's protect our planet!

General Guidelines for Recycling Packaging

  1. Make sure to rinse as much product as possible out of the container before you recycle it.
  2. Remove cap, lid, and pump before recycling bottles.
  3. Paper, paperboard, and cardboard packaging are recyclable—if possible, remove the label before placing it in the recycle bin.
  4. Plastics labeled with a 1 or 2 are generally recyclable, but 3-7 are often harder to recycle due to lack of a market. ♲
  5. Thin plastics such as pouches, sachets, plastic bags, etc. and Styrofoam packaging products are not recyclable.
  6. Tubes and jars are not recyclable as of now, but we're working on it!
  7. Check with your local facilities regarding what can and cannot be recycled near you. Why does it vary?

What’s up with the logo?

Force for Good Foundation

The 'three-tree' logo you'll start to see on your product packaging is our sustainability logo. If you see it on your package, we've assessed the product and modified it to improve its environmental impact. That could include changes such as increasing the amount of recycled materials in your packaging, improving its recyclability, innovating a new design that produces less waste, and so much more.




Why are recycling standards different?

Technically, most items are recyclable. However, to recycle any item, there has to be a facility able to either reprocess or sell it. That is why it's essential to check with your local recycling facilities regarding what types of materials they can accept. Globally, many organizations offer hard-to-recycle material drop-off programs, so check online to see what's available near you.

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