I am a force for good


I am a Force for Good
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Agnes Vadasz

Five years ago, Agnes Vadasz heard about two orphanages in Romania that mainly survived on donations from the public equalling, on average, a meager .60 USD/day to feed a child. To support these children, she suggested that her local Force for Good initiative in Venlo could be to collect second-hand toys and clothes from our employees throughout the year and send everything to the orphanages for Christmas. Starting in 2015, this has been EMEA's annual Force for Good activity. Recently, they expanded the program to include additional fundraising efforts. Dedicated employees made homemade meals to sell to each other during lunch breaks. The money raised was spent on non-perishable food and stationery products for the kids. Each year, the EMEA office averages six to seven pallets of goods, which arrive just before Christmas.

In 2018, Agnes visited one of the orphanages when the donations arrived. It was a very special experience for her: on the one hand, it was heartbreaking to meet all the children between the age of two and 16 who either lost their families or their families lives in such deep poverty that had to give them up. On the other hand, it was uplifting and heartwarming to see how much love they get from their caretakers, who often bring in food from their own homes when inventories at the orphanage run out. Since her experience in the orphanage that day, Agnes is even more committed to helping people. She feels by sharing these experiences, stories, and memories that she can encourage others to do good.

In today's hectic world, we often forget what the truly important things in life are, and while we stress out about little things and exhaust ourselves in our day-to-day rush, we must remind ourselves of what really matters and what's just "noise."