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Becoming a force for good
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Maria "Teresita" Ceja turned 62 just before LIVE 2019. She has only been with Nu Skin for about a year, walks with a cane, and cares for her disabled adult daughter. Despite her age, personal mobility challenges, and caring for her daughter, she is an unstoppable force for good. Teresita takes her daughter everywhere she goes—to business meetings, expos, or corporate events.

Teresita worked hard and earned her way to the Ireland success trip and has already reached Lapis. Every week she hosts a gathering at her house and has an average of 20 people there to learn about the product or the business opportunity.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for caring, determined Teresita!

Becoming a force for good
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Charles McJilton fell in love with Japan as an exchange student in 1991. He never looked back. After 15 months of living alongside the neighborhood's homeless, Charles founded the NPO Second Harvest Japan (2HJ), the first food banking organization in Japan, in 2002.

Before the foundation of 2HJ, Charles wondered why companies threw away excess food while there were people who need it. He was determined to turn "mottainai" (waste) into "Arigatou" (thanks) by gathering food with assistance from a variety of community groups, corporate donors, and religious groups, then delivering the food to children's homes, single-mother shelters, and others who needed it.

2HJ and Nu Skin are a life-changing force for good partnership. Every year, they deliver food to 7,000 children living in child-care facilities and single-parent families every month; provide support to the Food for Kids program, plus operational support of Central Kitchen and Kids' Café.

We can't wait to watch this successful partnership grow into an even greater force for good! Thank you, Charles!

Becoming a force for good
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Born prematurely at 26 weeks due to congenital heart disease (CHD), Siu Ho has experienced an extraordinary life since his birth. Upon his arrival, the doctor immediately discovered that Siu Ho had a heart murmur and was further diagnosed with an atrial septal defect and patent ductus arteriosus. In his first 4 years, Siu Ho went through endless consultations, and yet he showed no signs of improvement. He needed to start treatment as soon as possible, but he was too young and not strong enough to undergo a thoracotomy. Luckily, the doctor discovered that the thoracotomy could be replaced by cardiac catheterization, which significantly reduced surgical risk and had lower levels of trauma. However, because cardiac catheterization is a self-funded medical program, Siu Ho’s family could not afford it. His parents were devastated and even considered borrowing money to cover the cost of treatment. Fortunately, with the sponsorship from the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter through Children’s Heart Foundation, Siu Ho successfully completed his surgery.

Before receiving the treatment, Siu Ho often had shortness of breath because of his disorder of gas exchange. Because of his inability to exercise, his physical development was behind schedule. He felt frustration and shame because his muscles, cognitive ability, and expression were also slightly worse than children of the same age. With the help of Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation, Siu Ho had the opportunity to regain “a Nu Heart,” allowing him to enjoy his active and carefree childhood like other children as well as discovering his best self.

Here’s to the brightest future for Siu Ho!