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Henny & Hanny

Henny Santosa and Hanny Hanisyah are two incredible women working to be a force for good in their communities. Both have made significant efforts to help families struggling in Indonesia. Henny sprang into action after a massive earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia. While the quake left families homeless and hopeless, Henny led the charge of donating temporary shelters for these families, giving them new homes and hope. In addition, Henny serves as a board member and contributor for the SEA’s Children’s Heart Fund. Her efforts align with Hanny Hanisyah’s.

Hanny is a heart defect survivor passionate about helping children with congenital heart disease. She knows firsthand the struggles accompanying this disease and knows how to empathize and empower children and families. Hanny has dedicated her time, money, and talents to establishing a community group for families with congenital heart disease. She has offered avenues to get free surgery, a place to stay near Jakarta, Indonesia, for those suffering in the hospital nearby, and even necessary nutritional supplements for children.

Hanny with Children
Hanny with children

We’re proud to have both beautiful women in our Nu Skin family. Thank you, Henny and Hanny, for being a force for good!


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A New Phone for Ági

When sweet Ági had an extended stay in the hospital, she used her phone for everything—but most importantly, she stayed in touch with her parents and brothers. So, when her beloved phone broke during her clinical stay, she was devastated. Miraculously, her doctor told her that he would be happy to help get a new cell phone. And soon a new phone was on its way.

The day her phone arrived, the little girl looked on curiously as new friends—with her new phone—entered the ward with big smiles. When the purpose of the visit became clear, Ági smiled in her joy and happiness.

She was thrilled with the phone, immediately set it up, and signaled to her parents that they could now call her number because she had a working device.

Thanks to the ongoing support of Nu Skin Eastern Europe Kft., Ági’s heartfelt wish came true!

SAGEUN Elementary School students reading books at the school library

Giving Girls Gifts: Korea

The underprivileged teenage girls’ project started with Nu Skin Korea in 2017. A year later, the Nu Skin Korea Fund added support to the Nu Skin Force for Good committee sponsorship fund. Then, in 2019, Nu Skin Korea initiated a partnership with the Korean Red Cross, addressing the needs of underprivileged teenage girls. Amazingly, this unique project sponsored 3,500 gift boxes that included sanitary pads and other supplementary goods for teenage girls’ well-being within the last year. By the end of this year, Nu Skin will sponsor 6,200 boxes, for a total of 20,700 boxes since the launch of the sponsorship.

The Korean Red Cross and its vast network of volunteers have connected Nu Skin with teachers in charge of health and medical care in Korea’s elementary, middle, and high schools, allowing this project to impact teenage girls across the nation.

In addition to the gift boxes, Nu Skin’s partnership with the Red Cross has also reached hundreds of families with packages of recycled jump ropes, anti-dust KF94 masks, kids’ stationery sets, and Epoch hand sanitizer gel to assist families. These gifts have helped families keep their young teenagers and children safe.

Moving forward, Nu Skin is optimistic in continuing its relationship with the Korea Red Cross, allowing thousands of families and individuals to receive the help they need to live happier, healthier lives.

I am a Force for Good
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Healing Heart Patients—Malaysia

In 2008, Nu Skin Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund (SEACHF) partnered with the IJN Foundation Pediatric Heart Surgery/Treatment Project to financially assist underprivileged heart patients with treatment and surgery costs.

Institut Jantung Negara (IJN), also known as the National Heart Institute, has been helping heart patients since September 1992. The IJN Foundation was established in 1995, raising philanthropic support for the Institute so that struggling patients could receive financial aid for heart surgeries and procedures.

Nu Skin sales leaders from Southeast Asia contribute a portion of their monthly commissions to subsidize cardiovascular surgery and medical treatment costs of children born with congenital heart disease.

“We, at IJN Foundation, rely heavily on the generous support of kind corporate and individual donors to help us continue our philanthropic mission. We are very grateful to have Nu Skin as one of our strongest corporate partners and value their support throughout the years. We hope that there will be more corporates keen to contribute towards healing the hearts of many more children and to be affiliated with the excellent and high standards of medical care of IJN”, said YM Raja Datin Seri Zuraida Raja Mansur, Chairman, Social, and Welfare Committee IJN Foundation.

To date, Nu Skin donations have helped save 296 children, from newborns to 12-year-olds, struggling with serious heart problems. Many thanks to the generous sales leaders of Southeast Asia for being a force for good!

SAGEUN Elementary School students reading books at the school library

Children We Are Helping—Korea

The Nu Hope Library Project in Korea is devoted to providing a friendly environment for children to read and learn. Since its launch in 2008, the project has selected elementary schools each year to improve their library facilities, donate various new books, and support reading education programs. For the 25th library, the committee chose SAGEUN Elementary School, which became the first school in the Seoul Metropolitan Region to benefit from the project. The Force for Good Committee in Korea donated 773 new books to the 25th Hope Library and carried out eco-friendly remodeling, such as pine bookcases and eco-friendly paints. On October 16, the library opened with an online ceremony to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here are some messages from students welcoming the 25th Nu Hope Library:

“Thank you for this beautiful library!”

“Thank you for the many new books!”

“When I grow up, I also want to be a Force for Good.”

“I will pursue my dreams and visions at this Nu Hope Library.”

We are thankful, too, to the Nu Skin Korea Force for Good Committee for the Nu Hope Library Project! We can’t wait to see the good it will continue to do for the students at SAGEUN Elementary for many years to come!

#SAGEUN Elementary School students reading books at the school library, which was renovated as the 25th Nu Hope Library this year.

Produce Hygeine Kit
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Hanna Helps the Homeless

Many men and women are currently homeless in Frankfurt, Germany. They sleep on the street. And many more citizens don't have their own apartments; they often live in shelters and transitional facilities. However, many shelters/facilities were closed this winter due to the pandemic, leaving many vulnerable and without their usual resources.

Thankfully Nu Skin EMEA's Community Outreach initiatives helped facilitate support. Individuals supported unique local projects—like Hanna who packed care packages for the homeless in her hometown.

Hanna put together two different packages, including the following:

Care Packages with Different Foods

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Crackers
  • Water
  • Cucumber

Hygiene Package

  • Kleenex
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Toothpaste
  • Tampons
  • Soap
  • Moisture wipes

Not one to forget how vital personal touch is, she also left kind notes in her care packages:

Bon appétit! Enjoy it and stay healthy!
All the best,

Stay healthy and take care of yourself!
All the best,

And luckily, other community members took that as an example, creating special, tagged care packages of their own that included clothes, jackets, underwear, hats, scarfs, shoes, socks, and other essentials.

Thank YOU, Nu Skin EMEA for your amazing efforts to be a force for good right in your own neighborhoods.

I am a Force for Good

Nu Skin Japan's Smile Library Plan

Nu Skin Japan started the Smile Library Plan in 2013 by visiting the region hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 to donate good books, shelves, and other items for children based on the need for books in elementary schools every year. The items were selected based on the schools' requests and ordered to local companies respecting children's preference and the local communities' network. And in 2020, to provide support and bring a brighter future and smiles to many children through aid for disaster-affected areas, we donated 2,227 children's books and 20 bookshelves to 1,960 children in 12 elementary schools in Miyako city, Iwate prefecture.

Aisyah Drawing

The total Smile Library Plan donations to disaster-affected areas from 2013 to 2020: 142 schools, 23,585 students, 31,771 books, 201 bookshelves

While 2020 was the last year carrying out the Smile Library Plan, starting in 2021, we're looking forward to supporting the children in the disaster-affected areas differently by implementing "The Leader in Me," a school transformation program, to the elementary schools for their brighter future.

Thank you, Nu Skin Japan, for your many thoughtful and generous donations through the Smile Library Plan. And we're so thrilled to see how you will continue to be a force for good with The Leader in Me! The future is bright in Japan!

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Meet Aisyah

Since she was a little child, beautiful Aisyah always wanted to be a teacher. And she visualized her dream for herself in her drawings. 

Aisyah Drawing

Unfortunately, Aisyah also had a heart condition that threatened to keep her from realizing her hopes. Through our partner, the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund, she was the first child to receive heart surgery in 2010.

Today, ten years later, Aisyah has grown into a smart and religious young girl. She is very passionate about learning the Quran and many other things. Of course, Aisyah still has a great passion for becoming a teacher and helping children learn about important things. Her health condition has improved so significantly since her surgery that we’re sure Aisyah will be able to pursue her education and realize her dream. 

We’re so proud of what Aisyah is accomplishing and know she will be a force for good!

I am a Force for Good

#nuskinsusty Japan

During the FFG month last September, Nu Skin Japan (NSJ) held an activity called “#nuskinsusty.” It was a campaign to show how much employees care about the planet through social communication (mainly Facebook and Instagram) by posting our ideas twice a week and inviting Sales Leaders/customers to join us by posting their #nusksinsusty ideas.

On the employees’ side, we shared different things/actions we actually take aiming to increase the awareness of sustainability:

  1. Bring our own reusable cups/tumblers instead of paper cups or bottled drinks.

  2. Select eco-friendly products in daily life (as well as promoting Ethnepoch products).

  3. Bring our own ECO bag (reusable bag) instead of using plastic shopping bag.

  4. Care about the brighter future of children and show our support through NTC program.

  5. Use reusable/washable masks instead of disposable masks.

  6. Other ideas showing we care about our planet.

During September, we also received Sales Leaders/customers posting their idea of #nuskinsusty.

We showed what NSJ staff cares about and suggested ways to be more eco-friendly in daily life through this campaign. And although this is a small step of introducing sustainability in Japan market, surely it increased Sales Leaders/customers’ awareness and sustainable actions.

Thank you, Nu Skin Japan, for your earth-friendly actions! Keep up the amazing effort to be a force for good.

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We Are All Mothers—Hee-Young Bang

We Are All Mothers is a South Korean program that the Force for Good Committee started in 2016, primarily to support immigrant mothers working hard to raise their children in new, multi-cultural settings. The program's main idea is that we all want to be good mothers, regardless of ethnicity or nationality. So far, We Are All Mothers has benefitted 2,024 individuals in 506 households.

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But We Are All Mothers can't succeed without the support of remarkable, caring mentors like Hee-Young Bang—the I-Park children care center's headteacher. She completed the expert training course of the Multi-Culture Parental Education – We Are All Mothers program in 2017. And for the last three years, Hee-Young has been conducting the We Are All Mothers program directly at the I-Park children care center. Thanks to her, the lives of 96 people in 24 households (2017-2019) have been changed for good. We are so proud of leaders like Hee-Young. She truly is a force for good.

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Copenhagen's Mændenes Hjem (Men's Home) offers a wide range of social and health professional services to people who are homeless, challenged by addiction, or otherwise vulnerable. The purpose of the Mændenes Hjem is to help homeless and vulnerable people recognize and use their own resources to create a good life for themselves and contribute to a diverse society. This is done by helping reduce the damages of addiction and other personal obstacles and offering a wide range of services—a hostel, a housing department, a contact point, substance abuse services, several health clinics, a café, and a night cafe for women. A voluntary medical and dental service is also attached. Depending on the projects, there are about 275 employees and a changing number of volunteers.

Recently, the patrons of Mændenes Hjem enjoyed a special Force for Good evening. The Nu Skin Copenhagen office donated and plated 99 meals. No ordinary dinner service, the food was purchased from top, local restaurant Panpan. The men were delighted to receive such special food and premium service from our Nu Skin volunteers. We're sure it's an event both patrons and volunteers will long remember. Thank you, Mændenes Hjem, for hosting such a unique Force for Good event. We can't wait to partner with you again!

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Tamás, known as “Tomika” is an active little boy who loves to ride his bike and play on trampolines. He loves his family, too—especially his younger brother. Tomika also bravely lives with leukemia. Nu Skin EEU’s latest Force for Good contribution to the Magic Lamp Foundation (an organization that grants special wishes to critically ill children) helped grant Tomika’s extra generous wish for a trampoline—to share with his little brother.

It was a great joy to Tomika and his whole family when a gift from the Miracle Lamp Foundation arrived at his house. And Tomika didn’t have to wait long to enjoy his surprise. The beautiful green trampoline was already standing in the yard, which Tomika took over with a face proud and happy. And the two boys’ never-ending leaping began!

We’re sure the kind-hearted, big bother, Tomika, will continue to be a force for good to his little brother and beyond.

I am a Force for Good
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Sweet Che Ku Ammar Zaqwan is the youngest of four brothers, ages 11, 10, 8, and 6. His parents are a lorry driver and a housewife. Together they live on a modest monthly income of RM1,200.00. Che Ku Ammmar already has a kind heart and loves his brothers. And because of his unique circumstances, his family is learning patience and gratitude for the little things. Each day with him is a gift because Che Ku Ammar was born with a heart disorder called Transposition of Great Arteries. He needed a life-saving operation called an Arterial Switch Operation. But the cost of this surgery is around RM60,000, which was nearly impossible for his family income.

Thanks to Southeast Asia Children’s Heart, Che Ku Ammar has successfully undergone surgery. We wish Che Ku Ammar a speedy recovery and can't wait to see what the future holds for this miraculous little man.

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8-year old Norbi is a bit bashful, but he’s also a sweet, strong young man. He likes to play on the swings in the garden with his younger brother. He’s doing very well for someone who has undergone major surgery. And recently had his wish for a beautiful, blue quad come true—thanks to Csodalámpa Alapítvány (Magic Lamp Foundation) in Hungary. The Magic Lamp Public Benefit Foundation aims to fulfill the wishes of 260-280 children annually, aged 3 to 18 years, who undergo medical treatment for life-threatening illnesses in Hungary. They bring joy and happiness through their nationwide wish-fulfillment network, and their volunteers help with healing and rehabilitation. In the last 15 years, they’ve made 3000+ very ill children smile. Nu Skin Hungary donated money to them under the FFG umbrella, which supported two very sick children, including Norbi. It was beautiful to see him have a moment of pure childhood joy, riding fast through his garden with his little brother in tow. We wish him patience in his further treatments and a speedy recovery!

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Nu Skin Korea’s Force for Good Culture

Each of Nu Skin Korea’s nine standing Forces for Good committee members personally dedicates themselves to promoting the force for good culture not only as top leaders on the committee but also with their many colleagues. They encourage sales leaders to set business goals that allow them to also contribute continuously via donations and volunteer activities. The committee members also participate in the decision-making process of Nu Skin Korea's Force for Good projects and annual budget planning at the beginning of every year.

Sales leaders on the committee are proud to help Korean children in need and focus on education and health. In recognition of this, the Force for Good Committee has won various top leaders on the committee Korean national awards for social contributions from 2017 to 2019.

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Above are the nine Force for Good committee members at the “Sharing People Awards,” hosted by the Health and Welfare Minister.
Back row L–R: Young Gu Kim, Ha Soo Kim, Jyung Soo Kim, Dong Keun An, Kil Jai Lee, Jin Soo Seo
Front row L–R: Ronnie Park, Hyun Sook Shin, Kyu Chul Jo

Representing Nu Skin’s Force for Good culture, the committee is the pride of Nu Skin Korea—helping to establish their unique values and remarkable identity as good citizens in Korea. We are so proud of this dynamic and dedicated Force for Good Committee. And can’t wait to see what good they do next for the welfare of Korea.

I am a Force for Good
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Yan Shue

Born with an imperfect heart, Yan Shue struggled to remain active in sports. However, because she is naturally lively, energetic, and loves being in the water, she took swimming classes with healthy children her age. Sadly, she gave up on it as she fell behind the others due to her health condition. Luckily, Yan Shue got a second chance to pursue her dream of swimming. Hers is a story of embracing imperfections with courage and realizing dreams with confidence

Project CFA is a two-year project aimed at teaching children with heart disease how to swim and have fun. During the 2019 summer holiday, they arranged for swimming lessons for 16 children born with CHD, including Yan Shue! Through attentive swimming training, not only did Yan Shue acquire swimming skills and realize her dream, but she also learned to encourage and help others build positive spirit and sportsmanship. Yan Shue now has her chance be a force for good as she achieves a "breakthrough in the water" and discovers a better and brighter life for herself and her fellow swimmers.

I am a Force for Good
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Angela Liew

Angela Liew is a passionate, inspiring force for good. As an honorary board member of the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund (SEACHF), she knows firsthand the challenges of managing the available funds to benefit those in need. She also knows exactly how life-changing the opportunities are to those SEACHF blesses.

Watch the video below to hear Angela share her story in her own words—and her challenge to work hard and do just a little more for those in need.

Watch the Video
I am a Force for Good
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Sharla Fultz

Sharla Fultz didn't start the Gifted and Talented program at her local school, but it fuels her passion for helping her students any way she can. So did growing up with her special needs sister. In fact, Sharla wants to help nourish the hearts and minds of as many children as possible! So much so, that she pursued both a master’s degree in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) and a specialist degree in Gifted Education. Having multiple specialty area certifications and her link to Nu Skin allows Sharla to give back in numerous ways.

Using her advanced degrees, she teaches gifted and talented students here in Arkansas, and is also a big proponent of Nu Skin's Nourish the Children initiative! Sharla became an ambassador a few months back, and since then, has helped several team members on various levels do the same. Children are Sharla's heart, and she loves that she's able to give back in such a big way to children with various needs.

We love Sharla's passion and heart for her students and can't wait to see how far that giving spirit takes her. Thank YOU for being a force for good, Sharla.

I am a Force for Good
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Agnes Vadasz

Five years ago, Agnes Vadasz heard about two orphanages in Romania that mainly survived on donations from the public equalling, on average, a meager .60 USD/day to feed a child. To support these children, she suggested that her local Force for Good initiative in Venlo could be to collect second-hand toys and clothes from our employees throughout the year and send everything to the orphanages for Christmas. Starting in 2015, this has been EMEA's annual Force for Good activity. Recently, they expanded the program to include additional fundraising efforts. Dedicated employees made homemade meals to sell to each other during lunch breaks. The money raised was spent on non-perishable food and stationery products for the kids. Each year, the EMEA office averages six to seven pallets of goods, which arrive just before Christmas.

In 2018, Agnes visited one of the orphanages when the donations arrived. It was a very special experience for her: on the one hand, it was heartbreaking to meet all the children between the age of two and 16 who either lost their families or their families lives in such deep poverty that had to give them up. On the other hand, it was uplifting and heartwarming to see how much love they get from their caretakers, who often bring in food from their own homes when inventories at the orphanage run out. Since her experience in the orphanage that day, Agnes is even more committed to helping people. She feels by sharing these experiences, stories, and memories that she can encourage others to do good.

In today's hectic world, we often forget what the truly important things in life are, and while we stress out about little things and exhaust ourselves in our day-to-day rush, we must remind ourselves of what really matters and what's just "noise."

I am a Force for Good
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Jong Hyuk Kim

Jong Hyuk Kim, a 14-year old middle school student, suffers from EB (epidermolysis bullosa). He keeps his spirits up by optimistically facing his challenges and striving to achieve his dreams. Even he acted as the MC of the 17th EB Patient Family Meeting, held on November 16, 2019, and impressed the participants with his rap performance 'Dream to Make.' The Force for Good Committee has helped cover medical expenses for EB patients like Jong Hyuk Kim’s since 2005.

I am a Force for Good
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Paul Cox

In 1990, the Samoan government gave this remote village of Falealupo, Samoa, an ultimatum: build a better school or lose their government-funded teachers. Falealupo leaders wanted to provide good educations for their children, but they didn’t have the money to build a new school. Their only option, it seemed, was to sell the logging rights to 30,000 acres of rainforest surrounding their village.

This local crisis caught the attention of Nu Skin’s Dr. Paul Cox, an American ethnobotanist doing field research in the forest. He approached Falealupo leaders with a proposal: if he could raise the money to build a new school, would they agree to conserve the forest? Village leaders found the proposal intriguing but were reluctant. Many had heard the stories of westerners cheating indigenous Samoans out of their land thanks to deals seemingly too good to be true. Dr. Cox went to go to great lengths to assure them he had no interest in the land beyond seeing that their trees remained preserved. They agreed.

But while Dr. Cox was prepared to donate much of his own money to help Falealupo, he needed more. He returned to the United States to start Seacology, reaching out to friends and colleagues (including Ken Murdock, Seacology’s current Vice-Chairman) to raise the rest of the funds. It worked—Falealupo got a new schoolhouse, kept their teachers, and preserved their ancestral forest.

What started as a plan of necessity came to define the Seacology model: provide a benefit for native villages in exchange for the protection of the surrounding natural resources. The model motivates villagers to abide by the terms of the reserve because the land remains with the village. Dr. Cox continues to serve on Seacology’s Board of Directors as Chairman.

Becoming a force for good
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Maria "Teresita" Ceja turned 62 just before LIVE 2019. She has only been with Nu Skin for about a year, walks with a cane, and cares for her disabled adult daughter. Despite her age, personal mobility challenges, and caring for her daughter, she is an unstoppable force for good. Teresita takes her daughter everywhere she goes—to business meetings, expos, or corporate events.

Teresita worked hard and earned her way to the Ireland success trip and has already reached Lapis. Every week she hosts a gathering at her house and has an average of 20 people there to learn about the product or the business opportunity.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for caring, determined Teresita!

Becoming a force for good
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Charles McJilton fell in love with Japan as an exchange student in 1991. He never looked back. After 15 months of living alongside the neighborhood's homeless, Charles founded the NPO Second Harvest Japan (2HJ), the first food banking organization in Japan, in 2002.

Before the foundation of 2HJ, Charles wondered why companies threw away excess food while there were people who need it. He was determined to turn "mottainai" (waste) into "Arigatou" (thanks) by gathering food with assistance from a variety of community groups, corporate donors, and religious groups, then delivering the food to children's homes, single-mother shelters, and others who needed it.

2HJ and Nu Skin are a life-changing force for good partnership. Every year, they deliver food to 7,000 children living in child-care facilities and single-parent families every month; provide support to the Food for Kids program, plus operational support of Central Kitchen and Kids' Café.

We can't wait to watch this successful partnership grow into an even greater force for good! Thank you, Charles!

Becoming a force for good
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Born prematurely at 26 weeks due to congenital heart disease (CHD), Siu Ho has experienced an extraordinary life since his birth. Upon his arrival, the doctor immediately discovered that Siu Ho had a heart murmur and was further diagnosed with an atrial septal defect and patent ductus arteriosus. In his first 4 years, Siu Ho went through endless consultations, and yet he showed no signs of improvement. He needed to start treatment as soon as possible, but he was too young and not strong enough to undergo a thoracotomy. Luckily, the doctor discovered that the thoracotomy could be replaced by cardiac catheterization, which significantly reduced surgical risk and had lower levels of trauma. However, because cardiac catheterization is a self-funded medical program, Siu Ho’s family could not afford it. His parents were devastated and even considered borrowing money to cover the cost of treatment. Fortunately, with the sponsorship from the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation Hong Kong Chapter through Children’s Heart Foundation, Siu Ho successfully completed his surgery.

Before receiving the treatment, Siu Ho often had shortness of breath because of his disorder of gas exchange. Because of his inability to exercise, his physical development was behind schedule. He felt frustration and shame because his muscles, cognitive ability, and expression were also slightly worse than children of the same age. With the help of Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation, Siu Ho had the opportunity to regain “a Nu Heart,” allowing him to enjoy his active and carefree childhood like other children as well as discovering his best self.

Here’s to the brightest future for Siu Ho!