What the LifeGen Acquisition Means to Nu Skin

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What the LifeGen Acquisition Means to Nu Skin


There is unprecedented momentum here at Nu Skin. With half of the first quarter now behind us, you’ve probably heard us talk at length about Nu Skin and its growth. You’ve most likely heard about our record year with $1.74 billion in global revenue. You’ve probably heard how we paid out more than $750 million in distributor commissions in 2011. But I want to pause and reflect on some news that may have been overlooked. This news will forever enhance our vision of becoming the world’s leading direct selling company—the LifeGen acquisition. It is important to explain what the acquisition means for you.

As you know, Nu Skin has a legacy of reaching the future first with cutting edge science, groundbreaking product launches, and strategic, forward-thinking partnerships. Every day, we're committed to growth, scientific innovation, and a constant investment in your future. So on December 14, 2011, Nu Skin acquired our former partner in innovation, LifeGen Technologies. We've already achieved incredible things together, and now our success is about to be amplified exponentially. This acquisition represents our most powerful instrument of success yet and is a marriage that means faster innovation, revolutionary products, and limitless possibilities. 

At the heart of it all is the LifeGen anti-aging genetic database, the largest collection of gene expression data of its kind. Developed with more than 30 years of expertise in anti-aging genetics, it now belongs exclusively to Nu Skin—which means, exclusively to you. Think of it as your personal access to the most cutting edge anti-aging solutions ever.  

Now, with LifeGen as a part of the “family,” we have the ability to mine the database for vital aging-related genes. We have exclusive access to over half a billion genetic data points collected and analyzed—and counting. And this is only the beginning. Together, we own what's now and what's next.

We look to the future with promise and excitement as we more fully integrate this ownership into our science engine and work as one team to provide innovative solutions to our distributors and customers. With this investment in innovation, we have already felt the positive impact of the anti-aging genetic database and will incorporate new insights into the development of a weight management system in 2013.

This acquisition also reinforces and validates the credibility of our anti-aging science while preserving the exclusivity of our ageLOC approach. Nu Skin has a distinct advantage to scientifically identify, target, and reset Youth Gene Clusters that play a pivotal role in aging. Above all, it helps to solidify and strengthen the Nu Skin opportunity and the businesses of our distributors.

I am excited about the future and anxiously look forward to infusing our anti-aging science into cutting edge products that will revolutionize the anti-aging industry by targeting aging at its source—our genes.  I might sound selfish when I say this, but I am extremely pleased that we are now guaranteed to have LifeGen Technologies all to ourselves.

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