What's Special About Nu Skin's Dental Products

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What's Special About Nu Skin's Dental Products

AP24 set

Nu Skin’s AP-24® Oral Care System is a unique line of oral health care products that has been developed for the entire family and helps to remove plaque and fight cavities throughout the day.


What sets our oral care system apart is its alcohol-free formulas that utilize a patented plaque-fighting agent. This agent, found in each of the line’s products, is a medical-grade dimethicone and surfactants, including poloxamer 407 and poloxamer 338, which wraps around your teeth and holds tightly to leave your mouth feeling slicker and fresher longer.


See below for a list of benefits of using each product in Nu Skin's AP-24® Oral Care System.


AP-24® Anti-Plaque Fluoride Mouthwash:

- Aids in the reduction of cavities

- Contains no harmful antimicrobial agents

- Loosens and removes debris

- Leaves a fresh, clean feeling in your mouth

- Maintains the naturally balanced flora of your mouth

- Double-strength formula – contains five times the cleansing ingredients found in ordinary mouthwashes


AP-24® Anti-Plaque Breath Spray:

- Doesn’t just mask mouth odor

- Freshens mouth throughout the day

- Gives a fresh-breath feeling without the negative effects of alcohol

- Convenient for use after snacks and meals


AP-24® Anti-Plaque Fluoride Toothpaste:

- Removes plaque during brushing.

- Leaves a clean, just-brushed feeling that lasts.

- Gentle to teeth and mild to gums.

- Helps loosen and remove debris.


AP-24® Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste:

- Lightens teeth without harmful peroxides.

- Provides a long lasting, smooth, clean, fresh-mouth feeling.

- Refreshing, vanilla mint flavor.