What Kind of Innovator Are You?

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What Kind of Innovator Are You?


In early 2010, Nu Skin’s CEO, Truman Hunt, went on Fox Business Report to share Nu Skin’s success in the midst of an economic downturn.  When asked why Nu Skin was seeing such enormous success at the time, Truman responded, “[Nu Skin] decided to innovate, innovate, innovate…Innovation is key!”


In a recent Forbes.com article titled “The Five Personalities of Innovators,” identified 5 types of innovators from a recent study of more than 1,200 European executives.

So, which type of innovator are you?


1.       Movers and Shakers – Targets and rewards motivate you strongly. You have a strong personal drive. You are a leader. You provide the push to get things done.


2.       Experimenters – You are Persistent and open to all new things. You are a perfectionist and tend to be a workaholic. You are “the perfect combination for bringing a new idea through various phases of development and execution.”


3.       Star Pupils – You’re good at everything. You can grow and thrive anywhere. You make things happen.


4.       Controllers – Risk makes you uncomfortable.  You thrive on structure and prefer to be in control of your domain. You receive orders, and mobilize your team to accomplish any task.


5.       Hangers-On – You bring everyone back down to earth. You embrace structured environments, and often stick to middle ground to remind your team of limitations and institutional processes. You are important in rounding out your team.


“…None of these [innovator personalities] are bad. All play crucial roles in developing an idea, developing a strategy and overseeing execution and implementation. These are all pieces of a puzzle, arteries leading to the beating heart of corporate innovation.”


To accomplish an innovative idea, it is important to have a mix of innovative personalities who can balance risk-taking, and reality. Figuring out your innovative personality will help you work with your team in achieving success.


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