Weekly Recap: September 24-28

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Weekly Recap: September 24-28

Monday, September 24th

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Tuesday, September 25th


"Confidence comes with competency. One of the ways to overcome fear is to simply become better at what you do. When you build competency and become more familiar with the terrain that you're walking, your fear will begin to diminish. your confidence goes up. Believe that you can talk about this subject matter, that you can ask people to do hard things, because you've done it a number of times and know that you can work your way through those exercises. Building the fundamentals of competency will help you get through your fear."

-Steve Lund, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman of the Board

Wednesday, September 26th

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Thursday, September 27th

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Friday, September 28st

Friday Fact:

Did you know the world's top five direct selling countries (United States, Japan, China, Korea, Brazil) account for 60 percent of global sales?