Weekly Recap: November 12-16

Weekly Recap: November 12-16

Monday, November 12


EMEA 2012 Convention: Nu Generation

November 12, 2012

The 2012 EMEA Convention, held in Budapest, Hungary, was a resounding success with nearly 6,000 enthusiastic distributors in attendance--double the amount of their 2010 convention. This landmark event welcomed visitors from as far away as Israel and South Africa. Each attendee shared in the spirit of renewal and optimism prevalent in the convention. The convention presentations fueled the audience with a... read more

Tuesday, November 13



"We wanted to provide quality skin care and we wanted to provide an opportunity that would create financial freedom for people and then we wanted to be a force for good.  After we formulated that business plan, we didn’t really think much about the process.  We just worked every day on taking baby steps to make this a reality."


-- Founder, Executive Vice President

Wednesday, November 14

Thursday, November 15

Friday November 16

Friday Fact:

Did you know Carotenoids:
• Carotenoids are a biologically important group of chemical compounds built by plants, algae, and micro-organisms.  In photosynthetic organisms (organisms that use light to create energy), carotenoids can aid in the absorption of light, capturing additional energy which helps to neutralize tissue – damaging free radicals.

• Carotenoids are of interest for protective applications due to their biological properties. However, most carotenoids were previously impractical for cosmetic use because of their intense color.

• Most carotenoids tend to suffer severe degradation and loss of their antioxidation properties upon exposure to light and oxygen."