Weekly Recap: May 7-11

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Weekly Recap: May 7-11

Monday, May 7


Do I Really Need to Take Nutritional Supplements?


It seems like common sense that we should all be eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, but common sense or not―researchers want data from well conducted studies on which to base their conclusions. This is why the findings of several recent studies are so important. One such study known as the EPIC study (2007), followed dietary and lifestyle factors of more than 41,000 individuals. After 7 years of gathering data, researchers made the conclusion: high intakes of fruit and vegetables are associated with reduced mortality. The researchers went on to explain that the benefits of fruits and vegetables are likely due to their antioxidant content.

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Tuesday, May 8


Nu Skin Announces Update To Its Record-Setting ageLOC Product Roll-Out


In connection with the company’s annual sales incentive trip, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. today announced that it has experienced a record-setting response to its ageLOC® product introductions in the Greater China and Southeast Asia regions. The regions are the latest geographies to initiate orders of the company’s ageLOC® Rand ageLOC® Galvanic Body Spaand its related skin care products.

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Success Quote

"Human potential is an intriguing thing because there is no gauge on any of us. None of us know how much we can accomplish, and so it’s fair to say that our limitations are self limitations. That we all have capacity to do more than we understand. And we can only test the depths of our capacities by getting out there and engaging. There’s no question in my mind that everyone can go further, climb higher, and do more than they ever believed."

Steve Lund, Founder


Wednesday, May 9


Do You Have the Habits of a Strategic Thinker?


With an unmatched business opportunity, backed by innovative ageLOC products, strategic partnerships and proprietary genetic data, Nu Skin is constantly striving to arm its distributors with the best tools possible to be successful.

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Thursday, May 10

Friday, May 11

According to the WFDSA, more than 50% of direct selling products fall under the wellness and personal care/cosmetics categories. Nu Skin's innovation continues to revolutionize this area. (See the WFDSA's breakdown below.)

1. Cosmetics & Personal Care - 36%
2. Wellness - 22%
3. Household Goods - 17%
4. Clothing & Accessories - 8%
5. Other - 4%


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