Weekly Recap: May 13 - 17

Weekly Recap: May 13 - 17

Monday, May 13

Tuesday, May 14

TE Kauai-4451

Team Elite Trip 2013 - Kauai


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Wednesday, May 15

Thursday, May 16

5.15SteveLund Believe-01

Success Quote


"Human potential is an intriguing thing because there is no gauge on any of us. None of us know how much we can accomplish, and so it’s fair to say that our limitations are self limitations. That we all have capacity to do more than we understand. And we can only test the depths of our capacities by getting out there and engaging. There’s no question in my mind that everyone can go further, climb higher, and do more than they ever believed". – Steve Lund read more

Friday, May 17


Friday Fact


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