Weekly Recap: March 19-23

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Weekly Recap: March 19-23

Monday, March 19

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Happi magazine highlights Nu Skin's success and reports that “Avon Products may have stumbled, but Nu Skin continues to surge behind the success of its AgeLoc franchise. Since its introduction in 2009, AgeLoc has generated $1 billion in sales.” The article also states growth in Asia and other markets.

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Tuesday, March 20


Although Nu Skin does not have any products that specifically target acne scarring, here are three products you should consider using to get a smoother complexion:

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Success Formula Quote of the Week:


"I believe that the pursuit of your dream is what brings you happiness, as long as you’re working toward a positive thing, something that is going to enrich your life and the lives of others."

– Sandie Tillotson, Founder



Wednesday, March 21

Social Media

Nu Skin's lawyers want to put your knowledge to the test.  Can you score 100%?



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Thursday, March 22


Friday, March 23

Did you know? - In 2011, Nu Skin received two Communitas Awards for excellence in community service and ethical and environmental responsibility for its support of Mtalimanja Village and education initiatives worldwide.


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