Weekly Recap: March 11 - 15

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Weekly Recap: March 11 - 15

Monday, March 11

Some things need multiple shelves. http://bit.ly/13PYwvD

Product on Shelves

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Tuesday, March 12

The Success Formula:

3.12 Steve-Take Action-01-01


"In order for an opportunity to be real, in order for a business to be real, there have to be obstacles to success in place that keep other people from getting there. Those who climb the mountain and who actually achieve the success aren’t people who just accidentally discovered some obstacle-free course to success. Rather, it’s people who faced obstacle after obstacle and then worked through them."

– Steve Lund, Executive Chairman of the Board

Read more success quotes here: http://bit.ly/10InQTC

Chillin' on the slopes. Where is your favorite place to enjoy g3? http://bit.ly/YjkYZm

G3 on Slopes

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Wednesday, March 13

Nu Skin's ageLOC! Imagine the possibilities. Watch the video here and SHARE it with your friends. http://bit.ly/10HoiOc

Thursday, March 14

A closet full of Nu Skin! Dreams do come true! http://bit.ly/13Vwlvm


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Happy Pi Day! What's your favorite type of pie? http://bit.ly/13VyoiZ


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Friday, March 15

Friday Fact:


Did you know Epoch Firewalker contains Hawaiian ti plant extract to soothe and relax your tired feet? http://bit.ly/15R0daL

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