Weekly Recap: June 3 - 7

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Weekly Recap: June 3 - 7

Monday, June 3

Tuesday, June 4

6.4 Blake (dream)-01

Success Quote:


"Your values, which ignite your passion, drive you to go the extra mile to achieve success that people living average lives don’t have. There is a reason for that. They don’t stretch or go beyond the norm because they’re not passionately driven to go beyond the mark. They have not aligned their career, life, time, and efforts with their passion or values." – Blake Roney

read more: http://bit.ly/10O5OON

FFG Day Infographic

Friday, June 7

Friday Fact:

Weightless Conditioner

Did you know: Nu Skin's Weightless Conditioner contains Meadowfoam which provides volume without weighing down hair and helps hold moisture in the hair shaft to make hair seem fuller.