Weekly Recap: July 29 - August 2

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Weekly Recap: July 29 - August 2

Monday, July 29

Tuesday, July 30

7.30 Steve Lund Take Action-01

Success Quote


"Entropy is a law of physics that basically says that nature tends toward chaos and that it takes energy to not degrade and go with the flow and end up at a low place. It takes energy to turn that natural tendency around and go forward. So, the success that people achieve in this life is sometimes simply a measure of how much energy they’re willing to apply to bring an excellence to their life, as opposed to letting gravity simply carry them down to mediocrity."

– Steve Lund

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Wednesday, July 31

Thursday, August 1

Friday, August 2


Friday Fact:


Did you know, Hawaiians use the Ti plant to aid in nerve and muscle relaxation? 

Hawaiian Ti plant extract is also used in Epoch Firewalker to soothe and relax your tired feet!