Weekly Recap: Feb 18 - 22

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Weekly Recap: Feb 18 - 22

Monday, February 18

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Tuesday, February 19

Dan Chard - Dream-01

Wednesday, February 20

Thursday, February 21


Creating Smiles in Malawi Through Educate the Children

Elida, Malawi, Africa


After Elida Mandara’s parents died 10 years ago, her grandfather began providing for Elida and her two siblings. He was able to pay for her to attend secondary school, but was unable to provide the means for her to attend college. Because of ETC she was able to attend and graduate from college in December of 2012. She studied animal health and protection and is now living her dream of teaching others to raise livestock more efficiently. She said, “My life has changed because before I came to college I was nothing, but now I have learned skills and I will be able to get a job.”



Friday, February 22

Friday Fact:


Did you know that through your efforts 291 million meals have been donated to malnourished children?