Weekly Recap: August 13 - 17

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Weekly Recap: August 13 - 17

Monday, August 13


Do You Have the Habits of a Strategic Thinker?


With an unmatched business opportunity, backed by innovative ageLOC products, strategic partnerships and proprietary genetic data, Nu Skin is constantly striving to arm its distributors with the best tools possible to be successful.

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Tuesday, August 14

"When you're fully committed to a goal and you have the energy necessary to make that dream a reality or accomplish your goal, you can't just run as fast as you can run. You waste most of that energy. You have to sit down and plan and break your goal into small components, the baby steps that are going to drive you toward that goal so that you've thought it through intelligently."

- Blake Roney, Founder


Wednesday, August 15

Luke Yoo 2

Recreating Your Life by Taking Action and Leading Others


With Nu Skin’s direct selling business model, people of all incomes, ages and experience levels can be successful if they work hard and follow the drivers outlined in The Success Formula.  Sometimes, it is even a heartbreaking event that leads to positive changes in a person’s life.


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Thursday, August 16

Friday, August 17

Friday Fact:

You are a part of a great sales force! Did you know there were 91.5 million independent direct sellers around the world in 2011 or which 895,000 are Nu Skin distributors?