Weekly Recap: April 9 - 13

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Weekly Recap: April 9 - 13

Monday, April 9

Tuesday, April 10

"Every person has a fundamental need and desire to be of service to other people. That's where self-worth comes from. Not from how much stuff you have, but how much good you're doing for other people around you."

Steve Lund, Founder

Wednesday, April 11

joe chang interview

What Don't You Know About Joe?


We sat down with Dr. Joe Chang to see what interesting new facts we could find out about him. As usual, he did not disappoint. His intellect, witty humor and charming personality shined through once again! Here is how our conversation played out!

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Thursday, April 12

Library 1

Nu Skin Korea Opens 10th Library


Nu Skin Korea celebrated the opening of the 10th Nu Skin Hope Library in March with a grand opening celebration.


More than 150 people attended the ‘Songhak Ggumkium’ grand opening including Nu Skin employees, distributors, students and local civic leaders. Luke Yoo, president of Nu Skin North Asia and Korea, congratulated the generous Force for Good supporters for their ongoing contributions that helped the new school as well as the previous nine Nu Hope libraries in Korea.

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Friday, April 13

Nu Skin offers one of the most rewarding compensation structures in the industry with 43% of revenue paid out in commissions.


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