Weekly Recap: April 30 - May 4

Weekly Recap: April 30 - May 4

Monday, April 30

Korea at hawaii

Hawaii Welcomes Nu Skin Japan High Achievers


Nu Skin Japan recently hosted a Success Trip in Oahu, Hawaii, for more than 500 distributors from throughout Japan who achieved a Ruby or above pin title.  The trip was hosted by Japan Team Elite leaders.

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Tuesday, May 1

"Most of us are pretty good at creating a vision, but we’re not very good about creating true goals. A goal is a vision or a dream or an aspiration that’s attached to a plan. It’s not just that “I want this thing that will drive success,” but rather, “I want this thing and I am going to take the time to plan out what it’s going to take to get from here to there.”

– Steve Lund, Founder


Wednesday, May 2


Paris Bound! Nu Skin’s Team Elites Celebrate Success in France


At this very moment, Team Elites all over the world are packing their bags, and preparing for what is sure to be an amazing seven-day, six-night adventure in the beautiful city of Paris.

This year, Nu Skin is excited to welcome 270 qualified Team Elites and their guests totaling over 600 participants.  To help make this event a momentous and rewarding occasion, Nu Skin will have 98 corporate staff and executive members on hand to help provide our dedicated leaders with an experience of a lifetime.


Below, you will find a modified schedule our Team Elites will be following while touring the breathtaking city of Paris.

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Thursday, May 3

Andrew Fan - China

Rewards That Go Beyond Financial Benefits


For many Nu Skin sales leaders, earning a rewarding income is only one part of what is at the heart of their business building efforts. Andrew Fan, president of the Greater China region, has witnessed “force for good” actions by many individuals involved with the company that far surpass the motivation of monetary rewards. Such is the case of a Nu Skin sales leader from Beijing who has combined a strong work ethic with a firm belief in Nu Skin’s mission of giving to others.

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Friday, May 4

Did You Know? - Fact: According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, the global direct selling industry is over $132 billion in retail sales.

52 markets


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