Weekly Recap - April 2-6

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Weekly Recap - April 2-6

Monday, April 2nd


The Aging Population - A Growing Demographic


here is an ever-growing opportunity to cater to an aging demographic.  A recent article in the Huffington Post looks at the challenges and opportunities of an aging population that by 2050 will include more people over the age of 60 than under 15 for the first time in human history.


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Tuesday, April 3rd

"Everyone in every business faces difficulties. So it is important for people not to give up. Many people give up when they're faced with difficulties. Success is achieved only if you overcome big and small difficulties and challenges. I've seen many strong-willed people achieve their goals in the end. That's why you should continue to act and should not give up, even when faced with difficulties."

– Luke Yoo, President of Nu Skin Korea


Brett Nelson(LowRes)

Sometimes a Simple Goal is the Most Important


The dream of financial independence is a goal many distributors have achieved—and continue to achieve—with Nu Skin. However, the Nu Skin business model provides far more than a commission check. For some individuals, the true benefit of a Nu Skin business is the way it enables people to lead a life that matches the needs within their family.

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Wednesday, April 4th


What Kind of Innovator Are You?


In early 2010, Nu Skin’s CEO, Truman Hunt, went on Fox Business Report to share Nu Skin’s success in the midst of an economic downturn.  When asked why Nu Skin was seeing such enormous success at the time, Truman responded, “[Nu Skin] decided to innovate, innovate, innovate…Innovation is key!”


In a recent Forbes.com article titled “The Five Personalities of Innovators,” identified 5 types of innovators from a recent study of more than 1,200 European executives.


So, which type of innovator are you?

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Thursday, April 5th

Friday, April 6th

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