Weekly Recap: - June 18 -22

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Weekly Recap: - June 18 -22

Monday, June 18

Keeping Your Skin Protected From The Sun


Did you know that 90 percent of visible aging is a result of sun damage?  This damage can happen when we are directly or indirectly exposed to the sun. To minimize the damage, we recommend a few things:

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Tuesday, June 19

"A successful distributor is someone who surrounds themselves with good things: good people, good videos, and good audios. They are always listening to something positive. The Success Formula can provide just that. It reminds them why they joined the business, why they should never quit this business, and how important it is to continue doing the basic things every day."

– Brett Nelson, VP Global Market Services


Wednesday, June 20

Following Up - A crucial Key to Networking


Within the direct selling industry, networking is vital. But it doesn’t always come easy. A recent online article published by the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) suggests five points on how to improve your follow-up to create a lasting impression.

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Thursday, June 21

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