Walk Your Way to Better Health

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Walk Your Way to Better Health


Let’s face it. Running isn’t for everyone. If you’re struggling to go for a run, but still want the benefits of being active, simply try walking.


A study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in April 2013, showed that brisk walking slashed the risk of high cholesterol by 7%, high blood pressure by 7.2%, heart disease by 9.3%, and diabetes by 12.3%. 


Walking also helps prevent weight gain, lower overall mortality, and maintain a healthy body mass index1. The key to make walking effective is to burn the same amount of calories2 – if it takes you 20 minutes to burn 300 calories running, it may take you twice as long walking to burn the same amount of calories.


So get out there and walk!


Think you don’t have time to walk? Incorporate these tips into your schedule to increase the amount of steps you take in a day:


1.       Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator

2.       Park in the farthest parking stall from the store or mall

3.       Find a longer walking route to a final destination

4.       Deliver messages in person instead of by text or phone call

5.       Purchase a pedometer and beat your previous days’ steps by 10%


Let’s talk about it: What tips do you have to motivate you to walk and be active?


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