Fox Covers Malawi Vice President's Visit to Nu Skin

Fox Covers Malawi Vice President's Visit to Nu Skin

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Malawi Vice President

Malawi Vice President Joyce Banda visited Nu Skin headquarters last week to express her appreciation for the many services the company has provided to citizens of her country through the Nourish the Children initiative and the Force for Good Foundation.


“I can never say enough to show my gratitude for what VitaMeal does for our children,” said Vice President Banda during her visit. “Thank you to all of you who make this possible for the children of Africa.”

Mrs. Banda is the first woman to serve as the country’s vice president. She is a successful businesswoman and also the founder of the Joyce Banda Foundation in Malawi, which has funded two schools and 35 orphanages throughout the country. VitaMeal is served at each of these locations.


To watch Fox13's coverage of Banda's visit to Nu Skin, click on the image below.


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